Vikings Season 5 Episode 3 Recap

In this blood filled episode we see the Vikings victorious against the English forces and move further into England.  Bjorn on the other hand is not fighting in this episode but is moving into the Mediterranean and instead having revelations with Halfdan.  While Astrid is breaking the hearts of all viewers with seriously considering to join Herald.  Floki, finally, is figuring out his place in the world.

Picture Source: Vikings History Channel

This episode focused on the war heavily, the war between the Saxons and the Vikings was gory.  Ivar proved that he is the superior schemer, planner, and strategist.  He leads his army to victory.  At one point he was sitting on the ground taunting the Saxons as they came to their deaths.  We see some humanity in him with a servant girl who he sets free because she did not fear him, but instead, saw him as blessed.  This was interesting because prior to this we have not had many moments of Ivar being genuinely taken aback.

Bjorn, not knowing about the events in Kattegat, has a heart to heart with Herald’s son Halfdan.  Halfdan tells him that he seeks to live life as it comes for him.  This might be the first time on the show someone did not care for glory and to prove themselves to the gods.  However, it will be interesting to see where this friendship goes once news of King Herald’s plans for Kattegat reach Bjorn.

Picture Source: Vikings History Channel

In Kattegat, King Herald proves he is a smart man and a good politician.  This all leads to him sitting on the throne and Astrid sitting down next to him.  However, Astrid and Lagertha may be planning something.  In any case Astrid looks very comfortable on the throne and is not denying all the gifts of treasure that the people bring to her.   She did however, stay loyal to Bjorn and did not accept Herald’s advances towards her.

Lastly, Floki is seen in Iceland thinking it is Asgard.  He hallucinates that he is with the gods.  The only thing keeping him grounded is a cut on his hand that has gotten infected.  A flock of crows then leads Floki to a place where he believes he is destined to die at, and then the cut disappears.  This leads Floki to believe he is exactly where he needs to be and this will be his final place in the world of the living.


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