It’s no secret that Stephen King had a monster year in 2017. Not only did some of his work get adapted for the big screen (IT, The Dark Tower), the small screen (Mr. Mercedes, The Mist), and, what we call it at TGON the stream screen (i.e. Netflix) (Gerald’s Game, 1922), he also had two book come out, Sleeping Beauties, that he wrote with his son Owen, and Gwendy’s Button Box, that he wrote with Richard Chizmar.

Another project that was announced in 2017 was a show called Castle Rock that will be produced by JJ Abrams and will air on Hulu. If you are a Stephen King fan then that name should ring a bell for you. Castle Rock is the fictitious town in Maine where many of Kings stories take place (The Dead Zone, Cujo, Needful Things, etc.), and even more of his stories reference the small town (IT, 11/22/63, The Stand, etc.).

The show will be an anthology series, like American Horror Story, completely inspired by King’s works, but also a completely new story. We don’t know what exactly the first season will be about just yet, but I do know there will at least be a little bit of time spent at Shawshank Prison. I wish I had more information, but even King himself doesn’t know what exactly is going to be happening.

There are several members who have worked on other works from King: Sissy Spacek was in Carrie, Terry O’Quinn was in Silver Bullett, Melanie Lynskey was in Rose Red, and Bill Skarsgård was in IT. Based on the cast a lone I have high expectations for the show.

There is no airdate yet, but it will be coming in 2018. Once there is more information I will be here to get overexcited and share it with you.

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