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Fans of the 50 Shades of Grey rejoice! The third and final installment of the 50 Shades trilogy is almost here! February 9th, 2018 is the set release date and I can’t wait! My husband and I are going to go see it at the AMC Lakewood movie theater. A spoiler alert is in order. If you haven’t read the books or watched the movies, I will be talking about things that happen in the movies.

So to recap what has gone on so far, Ana Steele has interviewed Christian Grey for her friend Katherine Kavanagh. He instantly lusted after her and wanted her for a submissive. Ana being a virgin had no idea what he had in mind for her. Though her life had been touched by pain, her life had been relatively easy. While on the surface Christian’s life looks easy and carefree, it has indeed been touched by horror.

Christian Grey is adopted by Carrick and Grace Grey when his addict mother died. He is the CEO of Grey Enterprises and has a wealth of skills. Ana grew up with her mother Carla Wilks and Ray Steele. She is recent college grad of English Lit. She has some good friends in Katherine and Jose Rodriguez. Christian doesn’t really have friends except for Elena Lincoln. He mainly has business associates.

Christian pursues Ana and gets her to agree to be his submissive after taking her virginity. Little by little Ana gently pulls back some of Christian defenses and he opens up to her. She falls in love with him and he doesn’t recognize it but he’s falling in love with her. We end the first movie with Christian spanking her brutally and she leaves him, heartbroken.

In the second one, 50 Shades Darker, we find Ana moved into Seattle and starting her job at SIP with Jack Hyde as her boss. Jose invites Ana to his art expo and she is thrilled for him and to attend. When she attends the exhibit she to her embarrassment finds six full size portraits of herself. Suddenly Jose is pulled away. When he returns he tells her someone bought all six photos. Turns out it was Christian who bought them all.

Christian and Ana agree to try the relationship again without rules and punishments. They can sleep in the same bed and try and have a “normal” relationship. Sex with Christian is the only sex she has ever known and has shaped what she craves.

A mysterious woman shows up knowing Ana’s name outside her work. At first she doesn’t connect this with Christian. So however, she finds out that the woman Leila is a former submissive of Christian’s and some truths about Christian knowing things about Ana such as her bank account information. Turns out he has a whole file on Ana as he does all his subs. All this comes out after having taken Ana to Elena’s salon to help get her ready for a masked balled put on by his parents.

Christian and Ana’s relationship moves quickly. Days after asking her to move in with him he proposes marriage to her. The day before his birthday party Christian must go to Portland on business. He is flying himself and Ros there and back in his helicopter. Unfortunately something went wrong and they crashed. Went word spread Ana, Elliot, Kathrine, Jose, Grace, Carrick and Mia all come together in Christian’s apartment waiting for word about Christian and Ros’s fate. Finally they hear that they have been found as Christian walks through the door. When everyone leaves Ana tells Christian to open his gift. The gift reveals her answer to his proposal. She says yes!

At Christian’s birthday party Christian announces that he asked Ana to marry him and she said yes. Just before the fireworks Christian takes Ana to the boathouse and she is surprised with hearts and flowers. Christian also gives Ana a proper proposal with a ring and all. The movie closes with Jack putting out a cigarette on Christian’s face in a picture he has of Christian’s family. Did he have something to do with the helicopter crashing?

In 50 Shade Freed, Ana and Christian are getting married. Jack does something to Ana and it isn’t good. Will Jack ruin Christian and Ana’s happiness or will something else tear them apart or will they live happily ever after?