‘This Is Us’ Returns Tonight!

This Is Us - Season 2
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

This Is Us returns tonight to begin the second half of season 2 with the episode “The Fifth Wheel”. Here’s a little season 2 recap to remind you of what the Pearson’s have been up to so far.

This Is Us - Season 2
Ron Batzdorff/NBC


Jack’s main focus this season has been fighting his alcoholism. He started going back to AA and has become more transparent about his struggle to his family instead of hiding it. ¬†All of season 2 has been a slow build up to Jack’s untimely death. We know that he probably dies in the house fire and that Kate blames herself for his death. The fall finale left off with the Big Three as teens sitting in the living room and Kevin had a broken leg. We know that Kevin is on crutches when he gets the news about Jack’s death so the teens’ storyline is definitely nearing their father’s passing. We have also recently learned that Jack had a little brother who apparently died in Vietnam. Jack has never mentioned his brother but we’ve seen a flashback where they were kids and a photo of them during the war.


In the teens’ storyline, Rebecca is mainly helping Jack recover and raising the kids. Her singing has seemed to slow down since Jack’s breakdown. In a flashback to 2008 we saw that Rebecca was still single after Jack’s death and that she reconnected with Miguel on Facebook. In the present day Rebecca’s biggest struggle is her relationship with Kate. Kate seems to resent Rebecca’s past of singing, or perhaps it’s the fact she never made it and Kate possibly blames herself and her brothers. (I’m really not sure. I’ve been having trouble figuring out why exactly Kate has beef with her mother.) However, the last time we saw them together Rebecca was consoling Kate after her miscarriage. Kate seemed to be open to listening to her mom and she let her comfort her.

This Is Us - Season 2
Ron Batzdorff/NBC


Kevin has been secretly struggling with alcoholism and pain pill addiction after suffering a leg injury on a movie set. We’ve watched him spiral out of control while seeing flashbacks to his knee injury in high school that ended his football career. Kevin’s addiction has cost him his relationship with Sophie as well as landed him in jail for a DUI. He’s hit rock bottom and as hard as it was to watch him get arrested I felt relieved that he was finally caught so he can get help. There’s a definite similarity with Jack’s substance abuse issues and I think that makes Kevin want to hide it even more.

This Is Us - Season 2
Ron Batzdorff/NBC


Kate has been pursuing a career as a singer. We learned in flashbacks that as a teenager Kate applied to Berklee School of Music. She has been going to gigs recently but there seems to be some resentment towards her mother anytime she brings it up to Kate. Although Rebecca is supportive of Kate’s singing, Kate doesn’t like to talk to her about it.

Kate and Toby are engaged and were elated when they found out Kate was pregnant. When Kate miscarried she initially blamed Toby’s excitement for letting her get her hopes up. Once he convinced her that this was his loss too the two reconciled and agreed to get pregnant again in the near future.

This Is Us - Season 2
Ron Batzdorff/NBC


Randall and Beth made the decision to take in a foster child. They welcomed a teenage girl named Deja to way them. Although they knew the ultimate goal of Child Protective Services is to return children to their birth parents, Randall and Beth became attached to Deja. Deja’s mother was released from prison and cleared of charges so she was granted custody of Deja. Randall and Beth believed that she was still not fit to take care of Deja and planned on taking her to court. After realizing that Deja’s mother had made an effort to prepare for Deja’s return home and that Deja had a special connection with her, they chose to not go to court. The fall finale ended with Beth and Randall discussing taking in another foster child, perhaps this time a boy. The last episode also ended with Randall and Beth finding out that Kevin was pulled over for a DUI with their daughter Tess in the car.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.


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