The boys from South Park Colorado Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and Cartman are hysterical. This cartoon show doesn’t even come close to being a kid’s show but that is totally okay. They have the best raunchy humor and definitely some of the weirdest adventures. My favorite episode, by far, is the one where they are all playing World of Warcraft. I’ve gathered some of the BEST gifts for the ultimate South Park fan.

First and foremost, Tee Shirts!!! Look at these gems! Everything from Cartman, Mr. Hanky, Buddy/Guy, and the whole gang!

Need an easy cosplay idea or just want to look like Kenny? This sweatshirt is a must-have for any fan.

Or maybe you want to be Kyle and keep your head warm with his hat?

Deck the halls, or rather your Christmas tree with these ornaments of boys and Chef.

Funko Collector? We’ve got an awesome set of the latest South Park wave of Pops!

You could carry the coolest wallet around with all four guys. Plus, Timmy’s bus pass could help you get around!

In order to be the best student, you may need a dead Kenny flash drive.

Wear this patch and constantly remind who needs to respect you.

On snowy winter days, what better way to pass the time than with a game of chess with the guys from South Park?

My daughter happens to be a huge South Park fan and I know she would be ecstatic for any of this loot. Let TGON know what you kind of South Park merchandise you are looking for by commenting below or tagging us in social media!