Walt Disney Quotes that Sparkle

    Oh, Walt! How your catchy sayings inspire me to dream bigger. There is something to be learned from the man who dedicated his life to converting his vision of a fantasy playground into a real-life establishment. His story is one that shows us what is possible if you are willing to be relentless in the pursuit of what you want. The odds were certainly stacked against him. Walt failed several times before he finally got what he wanted. Let’s review.
-He was fired from a newspaper job for lack of creative thinking.
-He was fired from his first animation job for not being imaginative enough.
-His first animation company went bankrupt.
-He was turned down over 300 times by banks before he secured the funding for Disneyland.
    After all of this and many other pitfalls on his journey; he still managed to arrive at his destination. Magic is real, and its name is Disney. The famous icon had much to say about achieving big goals. As the new year approaches, I am contemplating what I would like to accomplish in 2018. Looking in the rearview mirror, I notice incidences where I lacked courage and perseverance. In fact, most of my past disappointments and regrets stem from knowing that I did not put forth my best effort in given situation. There are a lot of things that I would like to do differently moving forward. This year will bring with it new challenges for me as I am going back to school to learn new career skills. In some classes, I will be sharpening my saw, and in others, I will be building from the ground up. Like Walt, I will need to have the tenacity to not give up when things get hard. That being said, I pooled together some motivational Walt Disney quotes.


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    An entrepreneur, voice actor, animator, film producer, and founder of Disneyland; Walt really could do it all. He left god’s green Earth on December 15, 1966, but his compelling words are here to stay. Maybe you don’t want to be famous, but I am sure you have some goals in mind. I encourage you all to take some time to think about your intentions for 2018. As my high school cheer coach used to say; today not tomorrow. Bet on yourself, make it happen.

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