‘SNL’ Review: James Franco

Saturday Night Live - Season 43
Will Heath/NBC

James Franco hosted Saturday Night Live for the fourth time on December 9th. I was expecting the usual weird sketches we get when Franco hosts but I was pleasantly surprised with this episode. There were surprise cameos by Steve Martin, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, and Dave Franco. Of course it once again mentioned politics and the never ending sexual assault allegations in Hollywood and Washington DC, but managed to still feel fresh. Here are the top four sketches that stood out.

#1 Visit with Santa Cold Open

The cold open reflected the current climate of the country. Santa (Kenan Thompson) is berated with questions about politics, sexual harassment, and racism. It was one of those “it’s funny because it’s true” moments.

#2 Reunion

The Franco reunion introduced us to cousin “Pretty Mandy” and we also got a surprise appearance from Dave Franco.

#3 Weekend Update: Gretchen

Saturday Night Live - Season 43
Will Heath/NBC

This segment put a twist on Eddie Murphy’s famous “White Like Me” sketch. Michael Che portrays a white girl…without using makeup. He proves his “whiteness” with his comments instead of skin color. It’s funny and simplistic but still relevant.

#4 Weekend Update: Cathy Anne on Al Franken

We can always count on Cathy Anne to keep it real. This time she’s telling Michael Che her thoughts about former Weekend Update host and former senator, Al Franken. It can’t be easy for SNL to make fun of one of their one, but it’s important that they do. The media shouldn’t pick and choose who is held accountable for their actions, so I’m glad Franken isn’t getting a pass.


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