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Scorpion: Will “A Christmas Car-Roll” Spark the End for Waige?

Were any Waige shippers out there upset with the ending of the mid-season finale? Well, I am here to tell you that you are not alone.

Were any Waige shippers out there upset with the ending of the mid-season finale? Well, I am here to tell you that you are not alone.

Recap: Walter refused to get into the Christmas spirit and opted to stay in the garage by himself to get paperwork done on Christmas Eve. He tripped while walking downstairs, cracked his head on the concrete floors and suffered severe blood loss before Florence found him. She called the rest of the team back to the garage and they all contributed to saving Walter’s life since the ambulance took so long to get there. Meanwhile, Walter was lucidly dreaming and had to find a way to save himself through a bizarre series of events that brought his teammates together in an alternate world.

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The moral of the episode boiled down to this: despite Walter feeling that each member of the team would have been better off if he had not brought them together, they all know that they would not be the kind and compassionate people they are if not for Walter. It was a sweet thought that really made it apparent how much character on the Scorpion team has developed since season one. And seeing each alternate rendition of their characters was hilarious, especially Sly.

It was definitely interesting to thinking about what could have been if Scorpion had not been formed. But I think it’s more interesting how Walter’s mind developed each version of his friends. Not one of them was unsuccessful; in fact, they were all incredibly well-known and respected across the board. Walter’s actions at the beginning of the episode seemed cold and uncaring, but when we got to see inside his mind it was clear that he had even more respect for them than anyone could fathom. He sees the best in each of them and subconsciously assigned them to a role that suited them and allowed them to thrive. Which is sweet, but also somewhat troubling.

The part that troubles me is that, in the dream, Florence was Walter’s wife. His very happy, very home-makey wife who, like him, teaches at a university. Now, her characterization felt off in this scenario, but that wasn’t really an issue because every character was written in a new way during the episode. What bothers me is that Walter’s subconscious specifically chose this personality for Florence, a woman he hardly knows and still doesn’t seem sure he likes and then went one step further by assigning her as his wife. It seems like Walter is either projecting his own desires onto Florence for some reason or he is picking up on a vibe that Florence has something that would make him a better person.

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So, where does that leave him with Paige? Walter was stealing some suspicious glances at Florence in his hospital room, even as he embraced Paige. I know I’ve been talking about having some good vibes about Waige development lately, and I could still be right about that. It just might be a little more complicated and painful than I originally thought. Honestly, this could very well lead to a breakup scare for Walter and Paige, but there’s no way they would ever truly break up. I mean, it took three seasons before we finally got to see our happy couple on screen, so there’s no way the writers would take that away from us, right?


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Anyway, Patty was hands-down the best part of the episode. Seeing her pop up everywhere was reminiscent of how she seems to always be somewhat present in the garage this season, and it was so wonderful to see her more often! Not to mention how she gradually annoyed Walter throughout the episode. I can only imagine how much fun Nikki Castillo had with all those new characters!

“Scorpion” will return to CBS on January 15, 2018, so we have some waiting to do until the next episode. What better time to voice all of your comments and concerns about the show to TGON?! Is the fate of Waige in danger? Is there more going on than I’ve realized? Find me on social media to share and comment!


  1. This episode could be hinting about to a new romance with Walter and Florence. The actual actors that play Walter and Paige are no longer dating.. so, maybe they want out of the pretend relationship too…??

    1. Am so tired with these shows putting people together and then ripping them apart. Walter and paige real life doesnt come into this show and i hope they all know that including the writers. it three yrs to get them there they better not break them up at the end of the season. Gable and macfee better pull themselves together. They done am done with this show

      1. Hi, Cyrillia! I definitely get where you’re coming from with this. From what I have seen in their social media, it looks like Elyes and Katharine are still good friends. But regardless of the reason for this new direction, I know how difficult it’s going to be to stay loyal to the show if Walter and Paige split!

    2. Hey, Angie! That’s a wonderful point. I do think that is a viable possibility, but I’m still bummed that it looks like Paige and Walter’s relationship is in danger!

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