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I Spend Money So You Don’t Series: A-Box Mystery Box

I’m back again, spending my money on all sorts of crazy collectibles from around the world! I spend my money so you can see if you like it before you spend your hard earned money. Today I return with a great box, A-Box.

First item we have in the box is a Robocop shirt. If I had the ability to wear all my shirts it would be amazing. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON
Second don’t punish your feet, put on some Punisher socks. I love me some socks! Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON
We follow that up with a Wonder Woman QFig. I admit I don’t know much about this line but it’s a nice looking figure. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON
This item I find personally hilarious. I lost my keys about a month back while I was home alone. Wouldn’t leave the house for days in fear I couldn’t lock up. A tracking keychain from foundmi. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON
My personal favorite, you can never have enough ear buds, and some gold Wonder Woman ear buds are pretty sweet. If I can’t hear you this might be why. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON

Final response, I liked the company in general, and I like this box. You don’t get a lot of items, but you don’t get crap filler, you get items that are practical and useful. I initially cancelled the December box, as I was on a month to month option, as I didn’t like the franchises teased, but after seeing the sweater, and knowing how this box is I’m tempted to get back on the A-Box. This is a box I don’t see slowing down anytime soon, now when will they start an affiliate program?

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