Nerdy Merchandise! Affordable Bags To Shop For Right Now

‘Tis the season to go shopping! I have just the thing for all of you this holiday season. Nerd bags are sold everywhere the sun shines, but I can tell you where the best deals are as of right now. I took it upon myself to put together the ultimate list of affordable bags to purchase for Christmas. One of these could be a great gift to tuck under the tree for yourself or your loved one.

Star Wars


ThinkGeek has a slew of reasonably priced Star Wars purses. Many other uncommon Star Wars nick nacks can also be found on this site.



Hot Topic has red hot deals on Disney bags right now. Markdowns are as much as 30%. If you are looking for a steal without having to shoplift, this is the place.



FUN.COM is literally the name of the website where you can find the most wallet-friendly Marvel bags. There are many practical options available on this site such as gym bags and messenger bags.

Video Games


Bonanza has the best variety of cheap gamer bags. I also discovered some rare finds on this site such as character backpacks.



Merchoid is a good site to shop for movie inspired bags. They also have their merchandise organized by category.

You can never have too many bags! All of these are available to purchase online for less than $50. Might as well pull the trigger and spring for one. You know you want to….make all of your friends jealous. I have done your bargain hunting for you. You’re welcome.






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