We are getting pumped up for the premiere of Wreck it Ralph 2!

Walt Disney Animation Studios created Wreck it Ralph; the heartwarming story of a video game “bad guy” who turns good. Ralph is the star character in a mainstream arcade game where he, you guessed it, wrecks things. A spontaneous epiphany sparks an idea in Ralph. He decides to break free from the confines of his arcade game box to go on an epic adventure. His mission is to prove that he be a hero instead of the bad guy. On his journey, Ralph has a chance encounter with a defective character named Vanellope von Schweetz. She is a candy-coated accident from the racing game Sugar Rush. This spirited “glitch” helps Ralph to fully discover his sweet and protective side. Together they defeat an evil enemy and save their arcade world from mass destruction. Wreck it Ralph came to theaters on November 2nd, 2012.Wreck-It-Ralph-1photo.jpgIf you were a fan of this film, you are in for a treat! Fast forward six years; a Wi-Fi router is introduced to the arcade. Wreck it Ralph 2, Ralph Breaks the Internet, is coming to theaters on March 9th, 2018. What we know about the sequel thus far is that Ralph and Vanellope will be exiting the video game world and surfing the web. The dynamic duo is going on a mission to hunt down a part to repair a broken arcade game. We are about to find out what happens when old-school characters brave a new wave world. Ralph and Vanellope will have run-ins with famous Disney icons as well as other renowned faces that were not shown in the last film. Most notably, it is rumored that the pair will get to meet Disney Princesses. There is also mention of Mario, Luigi, and Zelda being weaved into the story. Get ready for a wild ride! We are looking forward to the surprises that Ralph Breaks the Internet has in store. Stay tuned for updates as we come closer to the premiere. Wreck-It_Ralph_2_Wallpaper.jpg


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