Shameless Television

Shameless Season 8 Trailer

This is a trailer for the latest season of Shameless (US).

‘Acceptance. Resurrection. Enlightenment!’ – St. Francis 

Wait! Who’s that? 

Okay, let’s add one more question to that.

Who smokes half a pound of Meth inside a traditional, peaceful Buddhist temple and calls it ‘meditation’?

FRANK GALLAGHER (Now also known as St. Francis)

Watch this amazing season-8 trailer for this new Frank and a lot crazier Gallaghers experience!

You would be asking,

Frank is now a saint?

Debbie has a baby now and she’s cheating on her boyfriend?

The whole family is dealing drugs now?

Kevin has CANCER?

Find out more this season with Shameless!

Stay tuned.

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