Let’s Talk About Those Credit Scenes In The Justice League Movie

DC who for the most part has steered clear of mid/post credit scenes after their films, changed all that with the recent release of the long-awaited Justice League. You can read my review HERE.

They gave us one mid-credit sequence and one post credits sequence and both were in keeping with what good credit scenes should be. Marvel who didn’t invent this little tool, but certainly took it to another level, has used these to scenes to build their universe and set up characters or films for future release. Also, especially with Guardians of the Galaxy, they are a chance for the director to have a little fun and pay some lip service to the fans.

Such is case here where one scene, the mid-credit one, is pure fan service and fun and the other sets up a possible Justice League sequel should that happen. Warning, if you haven’t seen Justice League yet, there are some minor spoilers here. With that being said, let’s take a look!

Mid-Credit Scene

In the first scene we find Barry Allen/The Flash and Superman/Clark Kent fresh off defeating Steppenwolf, take some time to have a friendly race to the west coast starting presumably in the middle somewhere. If Flash wins, Barry gets bragging rights but if Superman wins, Barry buys everyone brunch, a call back to earlier in the film where Barry says how much he hates brunch.

Source: DC Comics

At two points in the film we see Superman match the Flash’s speed and Barry is shocked and surprised to see someone who can run as quickly as he can. Both scenes are excellent by the way. But this wasn’t invented for the sake of this film. These two going head to head in a race originates from the comic books and goes all the way back to 1967 where in Superman #199 they race for the very first time (left).

Superman and some version of The Flash would race several more times throughout history in both the comics and on TV (Smallville). Most times the Flash would win either cleanly or on a technicality as once he taps into the speedforce there’s really no one or nothing, certainly on Earth, that can move faster.

Flash lights a firecracker that signals a kind of starting pistol and the two legends take off. We don’t know who wins as the frame freezes as they both movie towards the camera in slow motion. Probably better this way, it preserves the mystery for those who don’t the history, but we know what likely happened.

It’s a great fun scene and shows these two giants in a lighter moment and also gives a nod to those in theater who are fans of the comics.

Post-Credit Scene

So with the fun stuff out-of-the-way, Snyder and company got on to business. The post credit scene had people buzzing as we weren’t sure if we’d see either of these two characters as their parts from the film were cut once Joss Whedon came on board.

The scene starts off in Arkham Asylum where we see some guards attempting to transfer Lex Luthor, who’s been imprisoned there since the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. When the guards approach Luthor to escort him away the inmate turns around and it’s not Luthor but an equally bald-headed decoy!  The decoy is laughing maniacally as the scene then cuts to a harbour somewhere at night where we see a small boat cruising along.

We get a shot of the occupants of the boat. One is the driver and the other? Mr. Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke!  The boat pulls up alongside a large yacht where Slade jumps onto and walks into the main sitting area. This is where we find Lex Luthor drinking champagne, wearing a very nice suit and surrounded by scantily clad women.

Source: www.imgrum.net

As Slade removes his helmet we get a good look at Joe Manganiello playing the part he’s been teasing for a year. A while back some video footage (below) was released of Deathstroke in what looked like the Batcave and many thought this meant his inclusion in Justice Leagueand the new Batmanmovies. That was squashed recently so this post-credit scene came as a bit of a surprise especially since we know he was on set at some point.

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Luther looks at Slade, mentions he’s been watching the formation of this new League and says, “…I think it’s time we got a league of our own.” laying the ground work for what comics fans know to be the Injustice League.

Some fans have mistakenly called this the Legion of Doom. And while they do share key members, Deathstroke was never officially part of the LOD. The Injustice League is a deadly team of super villains designed to go toe to toe with the Justice League with each member representing a bizarro ego to the Justice League members.

Source: DC Comics

This band of super bad guys made their first appearance in Justice League International #23 (left) in 1989. Typically led by Lex Luthor, there have been many members over the years including Deathstroke, Black Manta, Joker, Harley Quinn and Reverse Flash.

So does this indicate that a potential plot of Justice League 2, if there is one, involves the two Leagues’ going toe to toe? It sure seems that way since this final cut of Justice League dumped any tangible connection to Darkseid. We know there is a Deathstroke film in the works so this could be just a jumping off point for that film but its the inclusion of Lex Luthor that more or less confirms a collaboration is at hand.

We know that Joe Manganiello was seen wearing a Legion of Doom shirt so perhaps they are looking to stray slightly from the comics and have Slade join that group. There’s no reason to do that since they could just stick to the script and stick with the Injustice League moniker and avoid any confusion.

These post-credit scenes that are meant to provide a glimpse of whats to come are always risky. They are produced based on the assumption that story will get told and are usually directly inherent to the film’s success. Well, as we now know, Justice Leaguehasn’t blown people away and the box offcie take has refelected that.

So, will there be a Justice League 2 as this post credit scene suggestst? We’ll have to wait to find out. If I was a betting man, I’d say probably not as of this moment. But a lot can change.

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