Felicia Day Joins ‘The Magicians’ In Season 3 Teasers

The Magicians – Syfy

With an official announcement that season 3 of The Magicians will hit SYFY on January 10th of 2018 we have seen a wave of promotion, teasers, and trailers hitting the interwebs. Book fans are hyped over the journey for the magic keys, the inclusion of the Muntjac, and the implications of The-One-Eyed-Conqueror.

But what shook the internet the most was when Nerdist broke the story that real-life nerd princess Felicia Day will be joining the series as Australian magician Poppy. We couldn’t be happier with the casting if they follow the books characterization at all – and the scale has tipped to the amount of bad ass women far outweighing what the boys bring.

The Magicians – SYFY

We believe the casting may be in result to Day having previously worked with show runner Sera Gamble on Supernatural — coincidentally Felicia joined Supernatural the last season Gamble worked on it, but we are glad to see them reconnect.

The Magicians – SYFY

Chris Hardwick has been very open about his and his wifes’s status as Magicians superfans, even moderating Magicians panels at conventions. We note this because he seems to have cornered the market on Magicians news through his Nerdist platform ao we urge all Magicians fans to keep an eagle eye on their website for your quickest news source for the series, but the cast is active on twitter and its a riot, so don’t miss out on all the Season 3 hype leading to the official premier on January 10th.


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