Weekend Box Office November 10-12

Would the God of Thunder be able to keep the top spot in its second weekend or would newcomers Daddy’s Home 2 and Murder on the Orient Express manage the near impossible? It seemed clear the two would be battling for second place but would audiences favor the comedy over the mystery? Let’s take a look!

Keeping the top spot to the surprise of no one, Thor: Ragnarok got off to a great start with at $18.6 million second Friday and went from there to a $56.6 million sophomore weekend. That’s down 54% from last weekend which is mostly typical for the superhero genre as the film looks to make as much as possible before the release of next weeks Justice League.

In North America the film is over the $200 million mark now with $211 million and change and internationally is over the $430 million mark. It has no markets left to open in so assuming things keep rolling along here the third installment in the Chris Hemsworth trilogy could see $900 million but with some fairly sizable releases coming up it could be a tough mark to hit. In just two weeks it has already past the domestic totals of the previous two Thor films which made $181 million and $206 million respectively.

In nearly a  dead heat for second place and both tracking higher than expected, Will Ferrell’s Daddy’s Home 2 and the star-studded murder mystery Murder on the Orient Express both were looking at $27 million+ openings. It will be a late call but right now experts are giving the slight edge to Daddy’s Home 2 with a $30 million three-day take and $28 million for Murder on the Orient Express. Either way it’s good to see audiences clearly craving something other than comic book films and audiences skewed female and older for these pictures. The Kenneth Branaugh directed/starring mystery remake benefitted from a great marketing campaign and an international appeal while the Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg sequel scored strong (A-) and tested very well early on. Of the two, ‘Express is the most likely to see a profit as it had a much lower production cost and will benefit from a larger international take.

Rounding out the top 5 are A Bad Moms Christmas in fourth place and Jigsaw in fifth. Dropping only 31% in its second weekend, the Bad Moms sequel brought in $11.5 million and is near the $47 million mark. If the good vibes can carry over in to December it should definitely see a profit on its $28 million production cost and minimal marketing campaign. Jigsaw, earned $3.2 million and is now just shy of an $80 million total worldwide. Not bad for a film that cost only $10 million to make although, as said previously, it is performing well below previous entries in the Saw series.

Something of note, director Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird, starring Saoirse Ronan, has netted the year’s highest per theatre average with a $91,109 PTA. The previous highest was Kumail Nanjiani’s The Big Sick with a $84,315 PTA. The film incredibly finished in the top ten this week for only having played in 37 theatres, all of which were sold out.

Next week we see the release of three wide releases including the Julia Roberts drama Wonder (3,000+) and the biblical animated tale The Star which has a loaded cast and is also opening in 3,000 theaters.  But the eyes of the world will be on the impossibly highly anticipated WB/DC film Justice League which of course brings together Earth’s mightiest heroes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. Justice League is opening in over 4,000 theatres and with the exception of Japan (Nov. 23), opens everywhere around the world starting on November 15. It’s guaranteed to open north of $100 million and take the top spot easily, just how high it will reach will depend on the reception it gets.

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