Smash Summit 5’s Skits Ranked

Another Smash Summit has come and gone, and that means more skits have come with it. This is really a Melee fan’s article: if I tried to make it more accessible, I’d be explaining so many inside jokes that I’d be here all day. So, let’s get into the rankings:

6. Virtual Reality Mango

This is definitely the weakest of the bunch, by far. Not only is Mango’s attempt at acting laughable, but even on paper, the joke “Mango gets beat up by Armada in VR and then is sad about it” isn’t particularly funny.

5. Peanut Butter and Falcon

Now we’re getting into the good stuff. This skit is great, and I have to give major props to S2J for actually biting into that sandwich without gagging. I felt sort of bad putting this so low, to be honest, but it just doesn’t do as much for me as the ones higher on the list.

4. Armada’s Gift Basket

Not much to say about this one, really. Plup’s line delivery really makes it for me, and the punchline is really great.

3. aMSa Smash Summit 5 House Tour

No, those aren’t real subtitles. I love the way the video starts out semi-believable before delving into such clear joke territory. Shoutout to aMSa for being a good sport and letting this hilarious skit happen, and to the writer for not making a predictable “X was a mistake” joke.

2. Clicks

This came really close to being my #1. Hax and La Luna have great performances, and it’s a parody of arguably the most memorable scene from my favorite anime, Ping Pong the Animation. The jokes all land perfectly, and the “You’re Hearing SFAT” reveal just perfectly tied it all together. So what could’ve topped this?

1. Crush Bateman

This is it. Quite possibly the best Smash Summit skit of all time. Everyone gives great performances, it’s well-directed, and it’s just hilarious. If you’re at all familiar with Crush at all, you know why this is so great. Every joke lands perfectly and the entire thing feels seamless. This skit right here might even be my highlight of the whole event. I like it that much.


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