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Jake & Amy’s Best Moments

In honor of our favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine couple getting engaged, let’s look back at some of Jake and Amy’s landmark moments. They’re cute all the time, so it’s hard to say these are the “best”…but they definitely stand out.

#1: Jake and Amy’s “first date” 

Source: FOX // Brooklyn Nine Nine

When Jake won the running bet in the first season to solve more cases, his prize was to take Amy on the worst date ever. Who would’be thought (well, except for all of the viewers…) that they’d actually end the night developing feelings for one another.

#2: Jake and Amy become Johnny and Dora, and share their first kiss(es) 

Source: FOX // Brooklyn Nine Nine

Jake and Amy go undercover as a newly engaged couple and kids on the job (as a cover, of course). This opens the floodgates of feels and they kiss two more times before the episode ends. #Peraltiago  is officially an item!

#3 Jake and Amy go mattress shopping!

Source: FOX // Brooklyn Nine Nine

This seems like a pretty mundane thing, but Jake replaced his lumpy old mattress to make Amy happy. That’s a pretty big step in maturity for Jake. This was one of the first times we were shown that Jake and Amy are the real deal.

#4: Jake and Amy go on a cruise (with the Pontiac Bandit)! And say I love you!

Source: FOX // Brooklyn Nine Nine

Jake and Amy go on a cruise together, and while they’re dealing with Doug Judy, the Pontiac bandit, they realize just how different they are. The best part about it, though, was that they didn’t really care about their differences; this led them to say “I love you” to each other for the first time.

#5 Jake and Amy decide to move in together.

Source: FOX // Brooklyn Nine Nine

While searching for convicts after a prison outbreak, Jake and Amy decide to move in together. At Amy’s place. Because Jake is a slob.

Isn’t is nice to have a stable ship we can always count on for adorable feels-filled moments?! We love you, #Peraltiago!! 


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