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The Good Place Chapter 20 – Janet & Michael

It's sort of a glass half full glass stops existing in time & space kind of deal.
The Good Place - Season 2
Colleen Hayes / NBC

In Chapter 20, The Good Place lets Michael & Janet’s relationship shine by ignoring those pesky humans for once.

We pick up right where we left off, with Janet confessing to Michael about the glitches she’s been experiencing and him trying to figure out where the problem lies. According to her user manual that she pulled out of her nose, glitches start to happen when Janets deal with information that contradicts the absolute truth. Michael thinks back to when he stole Janet from the actual Good Place’s unguarded and unlocked Janet warehouse and lied to her about his identity and his whole evil plan.

But if that lie was the cause of the glitch, she’d have been glitch-ing this whole time, not just in this eight hundred and second reboot. While they’re investigating, Jason & Tahani storm into Michael’s office, wondering why Janet isn’t answering them and coming to their help. They kept calling her because Tahani wanted to try Jason’s favourite food, jalapeño poppers. Janet glitches again when she says she’d be happy to help the new couple and Michael’s lightbulb goes off.


We know that Janets get more sophisticated with every reboot, and we saw her fall in love with and marry Jason in her first reboot, so we can extrapolate that the love she felt has just been amplified with every reboot, like a genetic mutation, and now she’s super in love with Jason so she isn’t actually happy to help him and his new girlfriend.

The Good Place - Season 2
Colleen Hayes / NBC

The only way to stop the glitch-ing and to save the neighbourhood from going all blank and void-y and all black and to keep Vicky from tattling to Sean (she’s busy torturing Chidi with needles but might get bored) is to kill Janet. Not just reboot her again but initiate her self-destruct feature. Michael tries you guys, he grabs his beloved paper clip and really tries to kill Janet but he can’t kill his friend!

She helped him come up with FroYo in the first version – a food humans love but that’s also kind of a bummer – and they’ve been through everything together – 802 times! He breaks down and tells her that he likes her as a friend and needs her around. They call on their most problematic human – Eleanor – to solve Janet’s very human and very emotional problem.

After hearing everything, Eleanor tells her to get drunk (stand next to some powerful magnets), and get herself a rebound guy. Janet takes this information and literally MAKES HERSELF A BOYFRIEND! Introducing to The Good Place, Jason Mantzoukas as Janet’s humanoid creation that is very dumb but loves her very much.

For a while there, I was wondering where this season was headed, how they would sustain this they don’t know that we know that they know we know plot-ception, but this new addition and the backstory this episode provided set us on a promising path and delivered some of the best laughs this season.

The Good Place - Season 2
Colleen Hayes / NBC

The Good Place airs Thursdays on NBC

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