The Mick S2E4 Review – The Haunted House!

On this episode of “The Mick”, things get scary pretty quickly with Micky and Jimmy calling all the Halloween Horror Shots.

Micky and Jimmy decide to prank Chip and Ben by pretending to be a chainsaw wielding crazed, masked killer and a vomit spewing. He doesn’t think its very funny but Micky and Jimmy think it’s pretty hilarious.

Sabrina is ready to host a killer party so she can become a legend and people “remember her” later on.  Chip doesn’t want to participate in this epic event and is pretty adamant about not going to it. He tells Jimmy and Micky “it’s not happening” not over “his dead body.” But Chip isn’t the one in the house that anybody listens to anyways.

Alba is ready to rock and roll – with the blood and guts of 40 lbs worth of pig intestines. Yummy. But there are more important matters to decide for Alba like a Halloween costume. Micky says she can just play the game her and Jimmy play where they pick each others’ costumes. So Micky chooses some baseball player that no one knows but he is “one of the best pitchers of all time” according to her. Perfect! Of course now it’s Jimmy’s turn to get a costume from Alba and so she chooses garbage. Awesome choice Alba. I am pretty sure Jimmy doesn’t like it though. Sabrina gets Steve Jobs and definitely makes it happen.

With the costume problem out-of-the-way, plans for the party are in full effect with the delivery of the goods coming to the door and just as the rent a cop comes around again to check out exactly whats going on. He definitely sees the plans for a wild and loud party coming together in the Pemberton Mansion and plans to stop this little shindig. Micky and Alba let him know he has no authority and needs to go on somewhere else. He makes sure to tell Micky that he is there because of an “anonymous complaint” that was called in. It’s pretty obvious who it was since he was the only one who was protesting the party in the first place. Nice one Chip. But Micky and Alba have their own ideas about what to do and so they decide to lock him up in the cage they ordered for the party. Problem solved.
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The party is on and everyone seems to be having a good time. Alba has her beer filled pumpkin. Sabrina is pulling off her Steve Jobs costume quite nicely in some cute cut off jeans shorts and very “sophisticated” glasses with a cute bun hairstyle. Jimmy decided it was a good idea to actually use real trash for his costume but then again it is Jimmy. Meanwhile, Sabrina has made plans to as Micky puts it “nail a freshman” but Sabrina assures her he isn’t just any freshman. She needs him to bring up her popularity. Silly Sabrina.

Chip is still locked away in his cage and tries to get Jimmy to let him out but that’s not going to happen. But he does offer him a monkey suit and tell him he can get more respect if he plays the full part as the “caged animal”. I have to agree with Jimmy for once. He does have a point. Chip refuses.
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Ol’ rent a cop busts in and tries to break up the party but of course, Micky is not about to let this happen. This party is here to stay and she shuts him down hard by throwing a drink on him. Then Alba decides she needs to hit him over the head with her drinking pumpkin. Come on Alba. Her and Micky throw him in the cage with Chip for some company.

Sabrina has to do some cleaning up when she notices there is some competition at the party. She makes it known in the nicest way that the girl should leave so she can have her popularity boosting freshman boy to herself. But thanks to Jimmy it doesn’t work out in her favor.

Alba and Micky decide to go on a little joy ride in rent a cop’s car. Micky gets egged by some little deviant trick or treaters when she stops to put out a burning trash can that was on fire in the middle of the street. Sabrina is now trying to chat up her new beau and it’s not going like she planned.

Micky is now causing her own kind of chaos when she busts up her own teen party of egg throwers she saw earlier while joyriding. She has plans of her own for their party and its pretty gross when she makes one of the boys eat a raw egg as punishment.

Sabrina is pretty pissed off that none of her “popularity” plans are working in her favor and goes off on everyone at the party. Someone thinks its funny to throw a cup at her and Im pretty sure I know who it was. Can anybody say karma? This is all happening while Ben stuffs his face with the cauldron full of candy. Yetp, the one he stole off the tables earlier in the episode. When you leave a 7-year-old alone all the time its bound to happen. He, of course, pukes all over the power cords next to him on the floor and sets off a chain reaction of events that ends in a Carrie-like scene.  Sabrina is covered in Alba’s pig blood from earlier and every one else to for that matter.
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