Star Wars Rebels Episodes 3 & 4 – “In the Name of the Rebellion”

…if we degrade ourselves to the Empire’s level, what will we become?


-Mon Mothma

“In the Name of the Rebellion” – Parts One and Two

Another double episode of Star Wars Rebels from Filoni and company, this time titled “In the Name of the Rebellion” and as the title implies these episodes were all about identity and character. What is the rebellion after all if they can’t maintain the moral high ground? With the return of Saw Gerrera it’s clear the lines between the populists and the centrists are being drawn in the sand as we approach the events depicted in Rogue One and beyond.

We start off with a reunion long in the works as Kanan, Ezra, Sabine and Chopper arrive at Yavin IV to meet up with Zeb, hot Kallus, Hera and the rest of the rebellion. Save a crash landing entrance by Hera in her Y-Wing and Wedge Antilles, the opening is meant to get the ball rolling on where Ezra’s loyalties may end up. It’s also here we start to see the rift growing between Saw Gerrera and Mon Mothma as the Ghost Crew is assigned a mission based on Saw’s intel. When Ezra praises Saw’s efforts, Mothma is quick to criticize his “methods” of gathering information her and Ezra have a quick convo about righteousness.

It’s here we see the clip from the trailer where Kanan and Ezra are having an important discussion about which side their on…

 …it’s how we choose to fight that matters, I know Kanan… maybe we’re choosing the wrong way?


-Ezra Bridger

Next we see Saw in a holo-message addressing the rebellion. Mothma and Saw have a very heated conversation about ideals and the rules of engagement and Saw’s words are making sense to Ezra in particular who’s growing frustrated with the politics and inaction of the rebellion.

So the mission to plant a tracking device on an Imperial Relay Station on Jalindi causes a small argument between Ezra and Hera. It’s here again where people are starting to take sides and Hera is struggling with doing her duty and what she thinks is the right course. While she agrees with Ezra that going right at the Empire would bring the most satisfaction, it’s not the smart strategic choice to make. Besides they have orders.

Once they arrive at the planet there’s a great halo jump sequence with Sabine and Ezra free-falling onto the Imperial Relay dish. The original plan gets interrupted by the arrival of an Imperial ship so they abandon the plan to “spike” the dish and blow it up the instead.

We get our first look at Tie Defenders next as they force the Ghost to leave Sabine and Ezra for the moment in what is a great canyon chase sequence. While the Ghost is away fighting off Tie’s, Sabine, Ezra and Chopper get rescued by none other than Saw in his U-Wing who blows up the relay dish, and the Imperial shop along with it. They both take off into hyperspace with Sabine, Ezra and Chopper staying on board Saw’s ship which makes Hera very angry. That’s where part one ends…

When we pick up with Saw again he tells Ezra and Sabine about a civilian ship carrying a secret cargo for the Empire with its secrets originating from Geonosis. He’s been tracking this cargo for sometime and he’s finally located the ship carrying it. The ship is headed for an Imperial installation and he wants Sabine and Ezra to help intercept it. They agree after Saw convinces them that they could, “…help me do something that might actually matter.”

Once they land on the space station where the cargo ship is everything seems to be innocuous until Ezra hears a strange sound that only he can hear. In a lighter moment, before they get too far, Chopper gets a yellow paint job courtesy of Sabine!

As they work their way through the ship they discover things may not be as they seem and encounter a holding area full of prisoners. They’ve all been kidnapped to work on a secret project (death star) for the Empire and one of them, Mitch, overheard talk of Jeddha City!

As Chopper get the prisoners to their ship, the others go deeper into the installation. So remember that sound Ezra could hear? Turns out it was a huge green kyber crystal calling to him and his force sensibilities.

In a huge moment that directly ties in to Rogue One, one of the troopers while escaping calls his commander and informs that Saw Gerrera has taken the “cargo”. Her response is to alert Director Krennic immediately! That’s right, our first mention of Orson Krennic in Star Wars Rebels!

It’s at this point Saw betrays Sabine and Ezra stunning and handcuffs them. Ezra and Sabine want to save the prisoners, Saw wants to destroy the Kyber and find out what it’s being used for, regardless of the collateral damage. He gives Ezra one last chance to join him but Ezra refuses citing the moral high ground…

…you fight your war, we’ll fight ours.


-Ezra Bridger

He leaves them behind after undoing their bindings, Ezra and Sabine rescue the prisoners and escape before the kyber explodes destroying the station and a Star Destroyer in the process and frying the engines in their own ship.

The Ghost shows up to pick up Sabine, Ezra, Chopper and the prisoners. As the episode ends we’re back to were we started in a way as pieces are falling into place, it becomes increasingly clear to Phoenix that Saw may be right and the Empire is on the verge of something catastrophic

So, these two episodes while light on action compared to the premiere, gave us tons of exposition that we will need going forward. Will we see Saw again or is the gap between the resistance and the senate led rebellion too great? With the Death Troopers make another appearance or is that the last time we’ll see these very cool Storm Troopers again or just another Rogue One nod?

In that sense these two episodes were all business and pieces are being moved into place that will carry us through to the end. Remember, Filoni said starting in Episode 3 it would be more or less one continuous story until the finale so hope you took notes!

Next Week

“The Occupation”

With the team back together it looks like Ezra is getting his wish and the rebellion will be back on Lothal…

Ezra and the Ghost crew are called back to Lothal when a new Imperial threat rises.

Of course we have no idea what the “new” threat is but David Filoni teased a new villain this season so perhaps we’ll get a look at this mysterious figure. It’s a sure bet that whatever happens next week on Lothal will greatly determine Ezra’s future.

Till next time…MTFBWY.




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