SNL: Gal Gadot’s Top Moments

Saturday Night Live - Season 43

Gal Gadot hosted the second episode of Saturday Night Live’s 43rd season. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what kind of sketches to expect from the writers with Gadot as host. Mainly because there are new writers this season but also because Gadot is known more for action, not comedy. I knew I could count on a Wonder Woman parody, which we got, but there were also a few surprises thrown in. Here are the most talked about moments from the night.

#1 Jason Aldean

Just a week after the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas, Jason Aldean opened the show singing Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down”. SNL has been known to acknowledge a tragedy before the show starts before showing any sketches. This was a clever way to honor the victims in Las Vegas, as well as Tom Petty who passed away the same week.

#2 Themyscira

Kate McKinnon is arguably the most popular cast member at the moment, so any sketch she is in draws extra attention. Throw in a kissing scene with Gal Gadot and you have a viral video.

#3 Gal Gadot as Kendal Jenner

I wasn’t expecting to see Gal Got do any impressions but definitely nailed Kendal Jenner’s facial expression if nothing else.

#4 First Date

SNL is at it’s best when it can surprise you while referencing something of the moment. This sketch covered both.


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