The Mick – Latest Episode Review – “The Visit”

What is better than visiting an old friend in jail……or your mother?!

That is what happened in this latest episode of “The Mick”. The Pemberton kids all go for a trip to go see good ol’ mom but it doesn’t quite go as expected.
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On this episode of The Mick, Micky and Jimmy and the kids are all at an apple orchard “foraging for food” since they now have no money left for food or anything else for that matter. It’s okay though at least they have beer or so Micky thought but Jimmy sadly informs her he didn’t bring any because he thought there would be a “beer guy”. Nice Jimmy, nice. Now stuck with no beer, in an apple orchard and no money things are going to get tense quick and when Sabrina’s phone rings from Milldale Correctional things definitely do! Chip becomes really angry when he realizes Sabrina is pretty much going to ignore their mother’s phone calls for as long as humanly possible and decides he is going to “smash her face off with an apple” but instead misses and hits Micky in the throat. Pretty freaking hilarious!

Things are definitely getting exciting now.


Now, back at the mansion, Micky is pretty upset at Christopher and Poodle for dumping the kids on her like they did.Micky complains that the kids are running around like wild animals with a bunch of pent-up aggression.  So, of course, being the classy guy that he is, Jimmy, asks Micky if she wants him to see if he can “bring Chip downtown to get his wheels greased by a pro”. Awesome. Of course, Micky declines the offer – “it’s too expensive”. These two were meant for each other. Micky decides it would be best to take the kids on a trip to see their parents – in prison – to get out all their aggressions on them instead of her. Makes sense. Jimmy tells her to “get the money turned back on” while she is there. I don’t think it works like that Jimmy.Alba is too happy to help out – especially so she can put in her two cents too. Just really rub it in their faces. Who can blame her?

Micky takes Sabrina on a car ride and tells her they are going to “have a spa day” but little does she know she is going to end up at Milldale Correctional to see mommy and daddy instead.

With Mickey and Sabrina now waiting to see Poodle, they have a chat about what should be said to Poodle since Sabrina isn’t really into the whole idea of seeing her mom since she decided to abandon her, Chip, and Ben to run away and go into hiding from the police with their father.

So Poodle apologizes to Sabrina for what she did and for her “failures” as a mother. I don’t think Sabrina really cares to hear about it.

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Chip, Jimmy, and Ben are waiting in the other part of the Prison to see Christopher, their father but Jimmy gets cold feet at the last minute and tries to abort mission and go to a water park instead but Ben decides to go in any way by himself. He finds his dad pretty scared looking and now toothless. Someone has been getting roughed up in jail.


Christopher tries to tell Chip that he isn’t his but Chip just thinks he isn’t feeling right and talking nonsense. Chip soon finds out that his dad has roommate named “Ziggy” and the reason he no longer has any teeth. Christopher tells Chip not to ever come back but Chip isn’t trying to hear that mess.

Sabrina is feeling much better after talking with mom and tells Micky but Micky doesn’t seem to feel the same way especially with the odd apology that Poodle gave – the one where she didn’t include Micky (the one taking care of her three crazy kids). Micky isn’t appreciative of this at all and she tells Sabrina she doesn’t care after she calls her out on her “stupid issues” with her sister. Micky denies it but it’s pretty obvious it’s true when she goes off on the poor waiter who brings them their burgers at the restaurant they stopped at that she most definitely has some issues with Poodle.

Back at the prison, Ben decides to go see what the inside of prison looks like and meet the other prisoners while Ben and Jimmy head off to talk to the Warden to make sure his dad “stays safe” the rest of the time he is in there. Good luck with that! Ben finds a couple of other prisoners minding their own business and when he walks in on them they call him over close to talk. Ben asks if they have any games to play – “Yeah, we got games”.

Meanwhile, Micky is pretty miffed that she didn’t get the apology that she feels she deserved from her sister who “dumped” her three kids on and decides to go back to the prison to confront Poodle but Poodle isn’t going to give in that easy and actually tells Micky her life was nothing before and that she gave her life “meaning”. Yeah, she said that. Not cool.

Back at the other part of the prison Ben and the prisoners are having a cockroach race. What else is there to do to pass time around a prison? And of course Ben wins – cigarettes. Nice.

Ben is desperate to negotiate with his dad’s cellmate after the talk with the Warden didn’t go so well and offers to give him some money to leave his dad alone but that is just not going to happen.His cellmate is a lifer and has nothing else to live for other than to make someone else miserable. Great.
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Well, it seems that Poodle and Micky took it to the next level and decide to fight outside the prison walls after their talk about Poodle’s apology didn’t go so well. Micky ends up with a broken finger and Sabrina take sit upon herself to get in on the action and punches her mother and Micky both before the guards have to pull her off them. Poodle apologizes for breaking Micky’s finger. I guess something is better than nothing.

Ben tells the prisoners bye and gives them a toy jet as a going away present and heads back to the chair he was in before Chip and Jimmy left him to go “save” daddy. When Christophers’ cellmate gets back to his cell Ben’s prison friends are waiting to rough him up with Ben’s new toy he gave to them. I don’t think he will be messing with Chris Pemberton anymore after this.


Back at the mansion, everyone talks about the day at prison and Alba is too happy to get all the juicy details including the fight. Everything is going great till Ben walks in to get something out of the fridge and now sporting a fresh new prison tattoo….

Until next week on “The Mick”…









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