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After witnessing how successful an interconnected Marvel Cinematic Universe has been, Twentieth Century Fox is revamping their X-Men universe.  2018 will see a slew of movies that will ultimately be interconnected in what will be a X-Men Cinematic Universe.  Hoping to build off the Success of both the Logan and Deadpool franchises, The New Mutants is the latest of the X-Men titles to get the film treatment.  With an April 13th, 2018 release date here’s what we know about the upcoming film so far.

New Mutants is being brought to life by Writer and Director Josh Boone, whose biggest credit to date is Directing The Fault in our Stars.  The Script will be drawing most of its inspiration from early issues of the series with the film.  According to multiple reports the film will be based on the Demon Bear Saga, featured in New Mutants issues #18-21, largely considered the first issues in the series in which the New Mutants were able to step out of the large shadow cast by the X-Men.  The story was written by X-Men and Wolverine Sage Chris Claremont.  With Josh Boone, a self-proclaimed New Mutants enthusiast at the helm, we can expect the film to capture the spirit of Comic, while being a great addition to X-Men Cinematic Universe.

As was reported by Spencer Perry of, going for a “Stephen King meets John Hughes” kind of horror film.  According to  an interview Boone had with Entertainment Weekly, “We are making a full-fledged horror movie set within the X-Men universe. There are no costumes. There are no super villains. We’re trying to do something very, very different.”

New Mutants will be another departure from the Sci-fiction/Superhero vibe of the original X-Men films,.  Audiences aren’t craving the same formulaic comic book films we’ve seen in the past with both the box office success of Deadpool and Logan proving that point.

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark on Game of Thrones: HBO

Relative new comer Blu Hunt, of CW’s Originals  will serve as the films main protagonist, Danielle Moonstar/Mirage.  Anya Taylor-Joy and Maisie Williams will star as Illyana Rasputin/Magik and Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane respectively.    Maisie Williams is of course well-known for her portrayal of Arya Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones series, and  is the latest Thrones actress to join the X-men cinematic Universe, following in the footsteps of Sophie Turner who portrayed Jean Grey in X-men: Apocalypse. Anya Taylor-Joy starred opposite James McAvoy in M.Night Shyamalan’s Split.  Alice Braga(too many credits to list) rounds off this very strong female driven cast as Dr. Cecilia Reyes.

With filming having just finished wrapping,we hope to see a teaser soon for this highly anticipated 2018 addition to the X-men Franchise.

New Mutants Issue # 18: Marvel Comics

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