Season 2 of The Mick – “The Friend” Review!

Now with half the mansion burnt down, we find Alba and Micky chumming it up on the now blanket covered couches watching drama tv,  having some snacks, and drinking some beers. All is well again in the Pemberton Mansion. At least so far….but im sure it’s not going to last very long.

Of course the kids are getting in the way of the relaxing afternoon at the Mansion when they bust into the living room to say that there is a squirrel in Chip and Ben’s room, meanwhile, Sabrina’s room is just fine.

Micky seems to be going pretty crazy in all the hysterics and decides she is going to go blow off some steam at the gym with her sister’s gym membership. Seems fair enough. I mean she is taking care of her three obnoxious children while she galavants off on the run doing who knows what. There she meets a new friend and after causing her to fly off the treadmill machine and land flat on her face she decides to check on her.  The woman has a mental breakdown and so Micky feels bad and decides to go home with her to “hang out” in the woman’s “really big house” and its definitely obvious she is just trying to see what she can get out of the whole thing. Classic Micky. Micky decides it would be a good idea to feel her up while she is there because there was some plastic surgery done but it was only on her face. Awkward. They decide Jimmy should come in and fix some stuff up later on that day.

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Chip is being weird now. Go figure. Ben thinks he should tell big sis Sabrina that he is really weirded out by Chip and he doesn’t really like that he has to room with him since his bedroom caught on fire and burnt down. Sabrina gives him and pep talk and decides its a good idea if he stays with her for a little while. Chip overhears their conversation and gets sick. Poor Chip.

Micky is pretty happy that she has finally made her first “real friend” in Grenich. I don’t think that this makes Alba too happy though. She seems very offended. Oh and she lets Jimmy know she volunteered him to do some patchwork around her “new friends” house. Of course, he goes but then Micky finds them a little too close for comfort enjoying some pizza and wine. Micky finds this pretty annoying and kicks him out. I think she may actually have some feelings for the guy.

micky and Jimmy at friends house
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Micky soon figures out that her new friend has feelings for Jimmy and asks if he is available. Micky sets them up together for a date but is pretty uncomfortable with it. She should be though he is kinda her boyfriend even if he did run her over …..twice. 🙂 I’m sure she and Jimmy are trying to put that behind them though. Besides they have a whole new house and three kids now to deal with.

Alba, on the other hand, is beginning to seem jealous of this new “friend” Micky has now. She tries to offer up a “girls night” with Micky while her new friend and Jimmy go out on a date but Micky tells her she “will think about it”.

Tension is mounting for poor Chip in the Pemberton Mansion as he soon realizes he is becoming the sibling outcast and very “annoying” as Ben and Sabrina put it to him.

When Jimmy comes back from his date he tells Micky he got invited as a date to a wedding (Micky’s new friends’ ex-husbands’ wedding to be precise) and he said yes to which Micky is very obviously surprised and you can begin to see the jealousy setting in. This is starting to turn into a crazy mixed up jealous/ love triangle between Micky, Jimmy, and Alba. Alba though decides to step it up and play Micky off her new friend and uses this wedding to make a wedge between them while she and Micky got out together for some drinks.

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Alba tells Micky that they should be together and Micky takes it the wrong way and leaves. But of course, Micky doesn’t handle things like this well at all so she runs off. She ends up at the wedding to look for Jimmy.

Poor Chip decides to take matters into his own hands with the squirrel problem in his room and goes hardcore with the mouse traps but ends up trapping himself instead.

Micky makes an awesome entrance at the wedding in the next scene when she falls off the top level and breaks the glass to fall into the wedding while screaming “No, don’t do it.” Yeah, she has completely lost it over Jimmy and lets her friend and Jimmy both know she is not okay with them dating or whatever it is they are doing and if you can actually call it that. Of course, Alba isn’t far behind and falls to the wedding floor as well and decides it a good idea to pull the glass piece sticking out of Micky’s neck out. Not the best idea in the world.

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Now Chip and Micky both are bandaged up but at least the power got turned back on. I can’t wait to see what happens next week. This second season is really turning out to be awesome! 🙂

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