Weekend Box Office October 06-08

With three wide releases opening this weekend, Blade Runner 2049 being chief among them, it definitely looked like Its time atop the weekend box office was ending. But just how far would it slip? Or did the year’s most exciting horror film have another miracle weekend stored away? Let’s take a look!

The big release and sure-fire number one was Sony’s/Alcon’s release of the sci-fi epic Blade Runner 2049 starring Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford and directed by Denis Villeneuve. With early projections starting in the low $40 million range, it actually performed well below those expectations and brought in around $31.5 million. In fact after having to readjust their numbers, some believe due to the high production budget ($155m) the film will now struggle to break even.

Despite strong critical and audience reviews (89% RT, A- CinemaScore, 81 MetaCritic) it’s clear this film wasn’t for everybody and numbers show that only 12% under the age of 25 went to see this film. This is the same problem Tom Cruise’s American Made ran into despite also garnering favorable reviews. Fans of the original Blade Runner showed up early on Thursday and Friday but it trailed off from there, unfortunately they represent only one quadrant of the movie going audience. This brings to a halt a very successful roll Warner Bros. has been on with box office hit after box office hit, although they didn’t have a much stake in this one. Unfortunately for Villeneuve, this has become a common thread with his films that receive very high acclaim and award consideration but falter at the box office.

In second was the 20th  Century Fox release, The Mountain Between Us which brought in $10.1 million in its debut. The Kate Winslet/Idris Elba thriller was hoping to snag the non sci-fi audience this weekend and provide an alternative to the future dreariness that is Blade Runner. With a $35 million budget it will have a hard climb (sorry) to see positive dollars but they’re hoping the international appeal of both leads will lead to strong numbers overseas.

Third place goes to It which just won’t go away with a $9.6 million fifth week frame. That brings the domestic total to over $300 million ($304m) and is trying to make its way to 10x its production budget ($35m) back in North America alone. The Stephen King adaptation also has its eye on fourth best this year which currently is Spider-Man: Homecoming at $332 million but that seems unlikely. Even if it did meet that number it wouldn’t last long with at least three very big releases still to come this year in Thor, Justice League and Star Wars. 

In fourth was the Hasbro/Lionsgate animated feature My Little Pony which brought in $8.8 million, far below industry expectations. With a A- CinemaScore, which is typical for an animated feature, the audience was consisted mostly of younger girls, their target audience. Hard to know how this one will pan out as it’s available in other formats already and Hasbro who fronted picture, has yet to release the production budget.

Finally we have Kingsman: The Golden Circle in fifth place with brining in $8.1 million in its third week of release. Now with a domestic total of $79.9 million, it is still $50 million short of its predecessor at $128 million and will not see that mark. Internationally it’s still $200+ million behind the original and again will not match that number so this will be seen as a bit of a disappoint considering the marketing, the cast and the hype going into this film.

There are four wide releases next weekend but none are likely to make a big dent in the box office. The Foreigner starring Jackin Chan, the horrow film Happy Death Day, the drama Marshall and the Wonder Woman biopic Professor Marston & the Wonder Woman all are opening in >400 theatres.

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