Modern Family Season Premiere!

Whoop its that time again. Cold air, pumpkin spice flavored everything and season premiers. not to mention a few series premiers. With that in mind I’m sure most of caught the season premier of Modern Family and if you didn’t you should. It looks like season 9 may be one the best seasons yet. The first episode of the season which was title was very fitting “Lake Life” is set on a modern houseboat on a very pristine and serene lake, which is where the Dumpheys , Pritchett and the Tuckers are taken to have what would seem like a relaxing trip but as one knows any trip with this family is anything but relaxing.

Claire ( Julie Bowen) and Phil (Ty Burell) decide that they have become too old and decide to make some adventurous memories while Jay ( Ed O’Neil) is try to make … well memories.. period with anyone that will make the trip and this day (which only happens every 99 years) his own. Alex (Ariel Winters) is starting to realize her emotional inflictions when it comes to her newest beau. Cam shows a little more of himself then he wants to while trying to help Gloria cope with living the lake life.





Now as most of you remember from the previous season we still have yet to find out  1) Will Luke go to college? hey its possible, 2) Will Manny actually leave for college? 3) Will Hailey ever get a real job?  4) Is joe still a kleptomaniac? …. These and many more questions and I’m sure ones we didn’t ask will be answered on this season of modern family.


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