This is Us: How Jack Dies and Beth’s Addiction to Imaginary Cigarettes.

I started pre-gaming at like noon: taking shots of water to avoid dehydration. When I cry watching “This is us”, all the liquid exits my body it seems. I also legit went to Costco to get a super pack of tissues, the magical blue kind that somehow cools your nose. I also dug up my stuffed polar bear Paco so I could have something to cuddle with. Finally I was ready for episode one of the second season of “This is Us.”

It opened with William on a typewriter, working on ‘Poems For My Son,’ the book  he wrote for Randall. Let me tell you, just at the sound of his voice, I was already crying. As William read a poem, the story went back and forth. We see “The Big 3” as teens finding out their parents are separating (SPOILER: they do not take it well); the modern day “Big 3” celebrating their 37th birthdays (Kevin in L.A. filming his movie, Kate and Toby being couple goals as she prepares for an audition and Randall still thinking about adopting).

Kate gets insecure about her audition and walks out before it happens. Tensions arise between Toby and Kevin as they both want to be her “person.” They have a confrontation at dinner with Kate ultimately deciding to be her own person and going back to the audition. She doesn’t get it, but is satisfied to know that it is because she was out of practise not because of her size. While waiting for her, Toby and Kevin come to an understanding. Kevin shares that Kate was the one that told him their dad had died and that all he is good at is being her brother. Kevin leaves them to have dinner and is later surprised by Sophie who previously told him she would not be able to make it.

My favorite couple Beth and Randall visit an adoption office. Beth eventually storms out, making it clear she is not fully on board with adopting a baby. Randall finds Beth pretend smoking in the parking lot (I am pretend eating pizza right now) and he basically tells her it’s adopt a baby or the highway; she storms off again. Randall visits his mom who tells him she initially did not want Randall but that Jack pushed her and she was grateful because Randall became her life. In a flashback Beth and William can be seen watching a basketball game. They discuss how Randall invited William and Kevin in without consulting her. William reminds her that it turned out well. In present day, Randall tells Beth he will not push her into things like his parents did- they adjust to each other and if she can’t adjust, they wont adopt. Beth then takes Randall to the same place where she and William watched a basketball game. There they notice three young Black boys drinking. Beth tells Randall that could have been him if not for the Pearsons. Her desire is to adopt an older boy “Who no one else in the whole damn world is going to help.”

At this point I had to pause because I was crying so hard. In the appeal and magic of “This Is Us” they offer such a diverse story that everyone can find themselves in. I am personally embarking on the journey of being a foster parent and have always know I wanted to foster teenage girls as they tend to be the most undesirable.

In the past we see Rebecca and Jack dealing with their separation. Rebecca tells Jack she wants him back home so they can solve their problems together but Jack declines-he admits that he has been constantly drunk for weeks and hiding it, telling her he needs to get help before he goes home. Rebecca does not accept that and they head home together. The episode ends with teenage Randall and Kate in Miguel’s house it appears they just found out about Jacks death. Kate is determined to be the one to tell Kevin about it. We then see a distraught Rebecca in the car. She parks and we notice that her house has burned down. We are left to deduce that Jack died in the fire. I am left a sobbing mess for the next fifteen minutes. The only thing that helped cheer me up was this hilarious Jimmy Fallon spoof of “This is Us.”


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