The Mick – Season 2, Episode 1 Review!

Leaving off from last Season of “The Mick” on the last episode of Season 1 – “The Intruder” at the end of the episode when young Ben decided it would be a good idea to start a fire in his bedroom with the lighter that Micky gave him.

So now, the Pemberton children, Micky, Jimmy, and Alba are all staying at the luxurious Fairbanks Hotel. But this soon comes to an abrupt halt when their money manager, Barry shows up poolside to tell them that it’s now time for them to downgrade because they are blowing through the money they have which is supposed to be lasting them a lifetime. So Barry sets them up instead in a mediocre hotel where – as Chip puts it –  “The only amenity is the Holy Bible” so nicely left in the hotel bedside drawer as most economy hotels do for their guests.

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Meanwhile, Alba has gone off the deep end and has become quite the drinker and starts yelling at the pool deck helpers when things aren’t the way she likes it. But of course once the cozy family of six arrive at their new hotel which can be compared to a Motel 6 Micky and Sabrina run off for a moment to figure out how to blackmail Barry using his phone as a source to bring him down and Jimmy and Chip go back to the Fairbanks to see what they can get into.

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Things are not going to end up good for anyone. And of course, once again poor little Ben is left alone with the now drunk and passed out Alba.He turns on the t.v. while he waits for everyone to return. Ben finds the religious channel where the pastor talks about demons and possessions and decides this is just what Alba needs in her life to sober up and get clean.

To save face in front of his friend’s Chip has to quickly think of what to say when one of his buddies rats him out in front of his group when his friend mentions that he saw him near the dumpsters at the new not so luxurious hotel the clan are all staying at now.

Back at the hotel and alone with Ben, Alba wakes up to find her hands tied down to the bedpost and him sitting next to her with a Bible in his hands. He thinks he can get her “demons” out.He first pours her last little bit of liquor out and then begins reading the bible to her. She is not going to get out of this one.

At the Fairbanks Micky and Sabrina tell Chip their plan is to blackmail Barry by getting an escort to sleep with him and using that as a way to get him to comply with getting him to unblock the hold he has put on the Pemberton kids money. Chip doesn’t think this is a very good idea but we will see.

Jimmy comes back out of nowhere at the Fairbanks and tells Chip he never even left so Chip asks him if he will help him skim by just like he has been doing. Of course, Jimmy says yes and starts showing him the ropes but it’s not a pretty sight to see and includes eating the room service food off trays sitting outside other guests door and staying in a robe to stay under the radar. So classy. But Chip is desperate to keep up appearances in front of his friends.

Micky and Sabrina go to the hotel lobby to pick up their much-needed escort to get their blackmail plan in motion but as they are negotiating the escort mentions that she can’t help them because after looking through Barry’s phone she realizes that Micky has missed one minor but very important detail… Barry is gay.  It’s okay. Micky decides instead to go look for a male prostitute. She finds one but he definitely needs a “fresh coat of paint”.

So while Micky and Sabrina are figuring out how to get back to “luxury hotel status”, Ben is giving Alba a much-needed “exorcism” and Jimmy and Chip are scavenging the Fairbanks for whatever they need or just want including all the food at the hotel convention for…. something.

Things are starting to get out of hand but its to be expected as usual.

It all seems to have worked out and the family ends up back at the Fairbanks eating and laughing over good food and drinks. Barry walks in with his usual spiel of managing the money and is pretty much told to get lost or they would rat him out with his cheating ways.

Jokes on Micky. Barry is not married and the photo of him in his phone is his sister and her children. Back at the charred mansion, Micky, Alba, Jimmy and the kids turn in for the night. I can’t wait to see what happens next week on “The Mick”.

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