Weekend Box Office Sept 29 – Oct 01

MONDAY UPDATE (OCT 02): With the final numbers coming in very late, in fact it wasn’t until Monday morning that finals were released, we have had a Top 3 shake up. It was a tighter race than even the most conservative estimates were predicting with Kingsman: The Golden Circle finishing first with $16.93 million. It was a hair’s breath away finishing second with $16.90 million and American Made in third with $16.77 million. It looks like it came down to Kingsman having the lesser Sunday drop (41%) of the three which allowed it to pull ahead.

The question this weekend was whether or not Tom Cruise still had any clout outside of the Mission Impossible movies or would last week’s number one, Kingsman: The Golden Circle having any staying power? With It still in theatres and breathing down their necks did anyone have a chance? Let’s take a look!

We all new it was going to be a three-way battle, but inching out a third #1 top spot in its fourth week of release is Stephen King’s It which made an impressive $17.3 million this past weekend. It was so close in fact that only $300.000 separated the top three films this weekend. What’s unthinkable at this point, by still playing in almost 4,000 theatres, It stands a legitimate chance of catching Spider-Man: Homecoming ($332m) for fourth best of 2017 domestically. The current domestic total for the R-rated horror film currently sits at $292 million with a worldwide total of now over $550 million.

In a virtual tie for second is Mathew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle and the Tom Cruise Action/Comedy American Made both which managed $17 million over the three days. We won’t know who edged out who until very late Sunday night so we’ll update Monday once we know.

With Kingsman domestic total now at $66 million it is only $1 million off the 10 day pace of the first film which finished its North American run at $128 million. Thanks to a strong China and Korea showing, it will hit $200 million worldwide this week sometime.  As for American Made, it is one of Cruise’s lowest openings ever and it’s become increasingly clear that his influence outside of the Mission Impossible films carries dismissing returns and his name on the marquee is no longer a sure thing. One number that can’t be ignored is that less than 10% of his audience was under the age of 25 so it’s clear the  young folk are buying what he’s selling anymore. The movie is set to take a loss at this point with a $50 million plus budget even though it scored relatively high with 85% on RT.

Rounding out the top 5 are Warner Bros. The LEGO Ninjago Movie in fourth and Sony’s new release Flatliners in fifth. Pacing far back of its predecessors, Ninjago added $12 million to its domestic total of $35.5 million in its second weekend which was only a 41% drop but meaningless at this point. The film is performing far below expectations compared to other LEGO movies and will disappear quickly. In a remake nobody was asking for, Flatliners performed below projections making only $6.7 million in its debut on a B- score. With a budget of only $19 million it’ll be upsetting I’m sure to those involved that it won’t likely profit.

Next weekend Warner Bros. releases Blade Runner 2049 in close to 4,000 theatres. Early projections have it somewhere around the $40 million mark which is clearly good enough for first place. The word of mouth on this is through the roof so expect that number to bump up some. Next weekend also sees the release of the Kate Winslet/Idris Elba drama The Mountain Between Us and Lionsgate counters with the animated My Little Pony both opening in close to 3,000 theatres. Both should have an affect in the top 5 next weekend most likely down ballot.

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