The Night Of – Season 1 – Episode 3

Leaving off from Season 1, Episode 2 we go into Episode 3 of “The Night Of”.

Episode 3 – A Dark Crate

The first scene opens up with a dark, crisp morning outside of Rikers Prison Gates and it makes you think to yourself “Okay, what’s going to happen in this episode?” A general eery feeling. You see Nasir now going through intake at the prison with the guards. They can even easily see that he does not belong in the prison system. He is about to be a sheep put in with all the wolves. Detective Camp speaks to the cops who first picked up Khan and relays to them that when writing up what happened they need to keep in the parts that will make the case less fantasy and more “real”. They need to keep building on what they have and also need to dot their i’s and cross their t’s with this case because they know it’s different. Nasir Khan is not your average criminal in the least. So they need him to look the part in every aspect of the case to pin it on him.


Stone meanwhile is trying his best to put together a case for Nasir and asks around to see what the case entails and how strong it may be. It’s not looking good though. It’s going to be quick and end with Nasir in prison for a long time or so says the other practicing lawyer he questions while taking a bathroom break. So Stone decides to go see Nasir’s parents Mr and Mrs. Khan at their home to speak with them about him possibly representing their son at the present time since no one else is stepping forward and because he thinks he may score big points with this specific case because, truthfully, he believes in the kid and knows he didn’t do it despite what everyone else may think. He gives them the good news and the bad news about their son and tries reason with them about costs of going to court. While it is indeed expensive Stone is broke and so he asks for 75K but ends up going down to 50. He also lets them know he is the best option they have at the moment and that they don’t want the other “incompetent” court lawyers to represent Nasir. It’s risky business doing that. He leaves them with his retainer and costs to sign before heading out.




Freddie Knight, a former boxer and now the big man in Rikers comes onto the scene and you see Nasir and him make brief eye contact as Nasir is being brought into the system to await his trial. You can almost see that they are going to see each other again but you’re not sure if it will be confrontational or if it will be something else. The prison guards let all the “newbies” in on how the prison system works. The big rule being that “if you mess with us, you will regret it”. Pretty straightforward.

Meanwhile the DA, Ms. Weiss is intent on pinning it on him just as detective Camp is because he is an easy case to make. Sadly, they both don’t care whether he actually did it or not and it shows. John Stone walks into Ms.Weiss’ office to try to work her down on the case from murder in the 1st to manslaughter. She doesn’t like it and pretty much laughs him out of her office with a solid “No”.


Salim, Nasirs’ father has his own business to worry about on top of the case. His cabby friends aren’t liking that their cab is gone and ask him about it but Salim is distracted and can’t even focus on what is going on at the moment in his life. They don’t know where the cab is and he and the other cabbies are losing money by the hour and by the day. Things are beginning to spin out of control for Salim.

Next, we see Alison Crowe (Glenne Headly) who is talking on camera on a case for a woman whose face was mauled in a horrible accident and we see her being questioned by reporters but she definitely knows her stuff and flips the switch on them. She is a great lawyer and quick on her feet and will soon be picking up the case of Nasir Khan when John Stone is fired by his parents when she asks them if they would like her far better representation in their son’s serious case.

Poor Nasir is woken up in the night by the night guard and is given tennis shoes by his new “best friend” Freddie and told they were for “traction” which really just means he can stomp somebody out if he needs to. It’s a gift to get Nasir to take notice of him and begin to trust him. Which is something he should seriously be thinking about doing since he is top dog at Rikers and Nasir does need his protection which is what he is offering.

John Stone heads out to go take a look at the crime scene to see what he can find to help his case but all he finds is the dead girls’ cat sitting outside the apartment. Strange.


Alison Crowe goes to see Nasir Khan’s parents at their home with Chandra Kappor, her young, Hindi speaking assistant in tow. This lawyer knows what she is doing and hits her marks every time. The parents decide to switch and let Ms. Crowe take the case instead.

Soon enough Freddie is ready to welcome Nasir to the prison system and let him know he is offering his services of protection. Freddie and Nasir both know they need each other, Nasir needs protection and Freddie needs …….. well I am sure that will be played out in the next episode.

Look out next week for Episode 4 Recap of “The Night Of









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