Game Of Thrones Or Game Of Love?

So, everyone went through pain and heartbreak when Chris Pratt and Ana Faris announced their separation. Our hearts froze over and romance was officially cancelled forever. Relationships were dead, locusts swarmed the skies, and I, in a bout of devastation, gave my firstborn to Rumplestiltskin.*

I am a gay woman with no children and no desire to have children, please don’t ream me for giving my firstborn to a fictional character.

Regardless, you can take a hairdryer, put it on a warm setting, and thaw out that shriveled up raisin of an organ, and dust off your relationship skills, because love is thriving once more! It’s been announced that Game Of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have gotten engaged! The onscreen and offscreen lovers have been on and off again since their characters, Bastard Jon Snow, and Wildling Ygritte, met in 2012. Now it seems the duo are tying the knot and prepping to unite the Westeros with the people north of the Wall forever! Long Live House Leslington!

kit and rose
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