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Modern Family: Whats in store for the upcoming season

With a new season of Modern Family just around the corner and heading for its ninth season, one has to remember that there was a lot going on with the award-winning series at the end of last season. Good News! A lot more is in store for this hilarious and lovable Modern Family.

We last saw our favorite families getting ready for some big changes coming their way.  With the graduations for Manny and Luke, you would think the Dumpheys’ would face the possibility of an empty nest. But with Hailey’s not so midlife crisis happening when her ex-beau decided to marry an “old lady” and be a father to her “ugly children” that might not exactly happen any time soon. We can all hope though.  Speaking of graduations lets not forget Manny’s night out which I’m sure he would be more than willing to forget. We also find out that Lily has been not only pretty smart but popular and fun as well. I did not see that one comin’ or the tacky but awesome Rolls Royce that Luke got his mother as a gift. At least Claire can finally calm down about whether she raised her kids well or not.  Now let’s talk about what’s coming your way for the upcoming season of Modern Family…

After surviving high school, Manny and Luke take on College. Well at least for one of them it means college. Maybe both, this show has surprised audiences before. So who will be the lucky one to leave their families behind? Regardless of who the lucky grad is, one can only imagine the there will be an emotional scene or two of tear-filled goodbyes.  So where does that leave the rest of the family? Well, Alex may be more financially sound than her parents give her credit for. Hayley finally found her calling through a fortuitous meeting at a country club and Jay may not be as tough as he always telling Manny to be. With the first two episodes of the season being titled “The Lake Life” and “The Long Goodbye”, we can only imagine what the Pritchettes, Dumpheys, Pritchette-Delgado have in store for us this season.





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