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This is Us
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Usually the loss of a of a main character completely guts me, seriously I broke my phone screen when I hurled it against the wall after Captain Hook died in “Once Upon A Time”. But “This Is Us”  somehow has me impatiently waiting for its fall return, so I can see one of my favorite TV dads of all time die. This show has stolen the hearts of the nation, while simultaneously helping the sales of tissues go up (I go through at least half a box per episode.) Lucky for us “This Is Us” was a huge part of “The Emmy Awards” this past weekend  the show had an impressive 11 nominations with Sterling K, Brown winning  best actor in a Drama Series for his role as Randall Pearson, Gerald McRaney winning Guest Actor In A Drama Series for his role as Dr.Nathan Katowosky and ‘The big 3’ participating in Stephen Colbert’s hilarious opening number. To top it off  NBC has graced us with a new season two Promo! It features Kate being encouraged by her fiancée Toby for a singing audition (I totally squealed seeing Kate go after her dream) Then an appearance from my favorite couple Randall and Beth as he tell her my new favorite quote ” We are perfect together, perfectly imperfect, and I didn’t even know that was a thing” Someone find me a Randall stat please. My eyes instantly teared up at the appearance of William, Randall’s biological dad. It was unclear if he would return as his character died last season. The promo continued with flashbacks of Jack and Rebecca and my body continued getting goosebumps. I  am so look forward to spending My Tuesday nights sobbing uncontrollably.

This Is Us returns Tuesday September 26 on NBC. Don’t miss out on our Live Tweet Tuesday nights with us on Twitter!


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