The Night Of – Season 1, Episode 1 & 2 Recap

With HBO’s The Night Of Season 2 still in talks of production Season 1 of the show needs a recap just because of the awesomeness of the show.The mini series – A mix of Orange Is The New Black and Law and Order except without all the extra light-sided humor of OITNB and less of Law and Orders’ swift ending to every episode. It leads on to the next episode and always leaves you on the edge of your seat and expecting more. Always cutting you off right at the climax. The way a good show should leave you feeling.

Episode 1

The show starts off innocently enough with the main character, 19-year-old, straight-laced Nasir Khan,(Riz Ahmed) trying to get out to a party with the prospect of meeting and hopefully picking up a girl. He sets off in his fathers’ cab since he doesn’t have any other means of transportation. He eventually picks up a girl looking for a cab ride and tells her he is not working for the night but decides to take her where she wants to go anyways seeing this as an opportunity to score for the night. She brings him back to her place and he goes inside with her not knowing what he is going to encounter.

Andrea and Nasir

They eventually sleep together and after a drug fueled night with Andrea Cornish (Sofia Black D’Elia) Nasir finds himself alone downstairs in the strange girls’ house who he had just met that same night and makes his way upstairs to her bedroom and  suddenly finds himself staring at her dead, stabbed, and extremely bloodied body laying face down on her bed where he had been just a few hours before. He panics and quickly flees her home desperately trying to get away but not before being flagged down by police for reckless driving. Things are beginning to go bad and very quickly at this point.

Nasir Arrest

Meanwhile, the cops holding Nasir get called into a break in report of a girl just down the road from where they are and respond since they are close to the scene. Nasir plays it cool till the cop finds a knife in his pocket during a pat down.This is a real turning point. Nasir, realizing how this must look loses it and pleads and screams with the now very suspicious police officers that he didn’t have anything to do with the girls’ death. He ends up getting arrested and taken into custody but is only held with possession of a knife.

Nasir and Knife

While the police and head detective, Dennis Box,(Bill Camp)  scramble to find a way to connect the crime to young Nasir for the girls’ death a somewhat of a quack lawyer John Stone, (John Turturro) comes into the picture and thinks he is going to score big with this case. He doesn’t even realize what he is in for yet.

Nasir and Stone Talking

Episode 2

The second episode of Season 1 opens up with a confused and worried looking Nasir sitting in his jail cell and his confused parents trying to find out what happened the night before and where their son is being held.

nasir khan

Meanwhile, we see that the dead girls’ stepfather Don Taylor (Paul Starks)  has been found and is brought in to identify Andrea’s body. He seems to be a little off but you’re not sure if it’s because his stepdaughter has just been murdered or if there is something more behind his strange attitude.

andreas stepdad

Nasir’s parents are brought in to speak with their son and as they speak they don’t realize the detective that has been put on the case is listening in to the conversation. This is mistake #1 for young Nasir and he doesn’t even realize it.


Nasir’s new lawyer has really taken a liking to the kid and is trying his best to keep him from implicating himself but Nasir doesn’t seem to understand how to do this. He feels that telling the truth is always the right thing to do and doesn’t really understand the way the system works. In the eyes of the police, the judge and even the jury your seen as guilty till proven innocent especially when all the evidence that has been collected so far only is pointing to you.

pointing to nasir

You start to see that the detective on the case is having doubts about how young Nasir could have done this, so he goes in to speak with him to see if he can get him to open up to him playing the friend instead of the enemy. After realizing he can’t get much out of him he transfers Nasir to prison to await his trial and as he is being transferred to his new unit you see he is very out-of-place and the other prisoners and guards notice this too. His once sheltered life with mom and dad at home has come to an abrupt halt. Nasir begins to see how bad things can get after witnessing a dope sick girl gets beaten by another inmate for being to whining and crying while throwing up in the toilet in their holding cell. Nasir knows he is not in Kansas anymore.

While this is all happening Nasir’s parents are trying to make sense of all this and are rudely invaded at their home by the detective working the case. He comes to them with a court ordered search warrant of their home and he takes what he feels he may need to use for the case including some of their personal possessions as well. He has to find something, anything to make sure he can pin it on the kid. The episode ends with Stone trying and failing to get bail for Nasir but is denied and so he is again sent into custody to sit in Rikers State Prison to wait once again…

Stay tuned for the recap of episodes 3 and 4.


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