Pacific Rim: Uprising – 6 Month Countdown

The First installment of Pacific Rim was modestly successful with a $100 million box office take  in the U.S., but quickly became a cult favorite once released to home video.  Add in the film’s international success and you have the recipe for green lighting  a sequel.  With just 6 months until we receive our second serving of Jaegers battling Kaijus, here’s what we know about the sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising.

John Boyega – Pacific Rim:Uprising: Universal Studios

First we start with the bad news. Guillermo Del Toro and Charlie Hunnam are both out.  Del Toro has remained on the project as a producer and writer, guiding the PR Universe he created for the first film, but scheduling conflicts (currently at work directing The Shape of Water for Fox Searchlight) prohibited him from taking the director’s chair.  Likewise Charlie Hunnam was also unavailable for the start of production.  Although Raleigh Becket will not be the main protagonist, Del Toro has assured fans that he will return at some point in the sequel.

Filling in as the sequel’s director is former Daredevil showrunner Steven S. Knight. Although DeKnight hasn’t helmed a feature film yet, Daredevil has been a huge hit for both Marvel and Netflix.  The series features some of the best action sequences that have graced the small screen over the last few years. With Guillermo Del Toro’s helping hand Pacific Rim 2 looks like the perfect place for Knight to get his silver screen start.

After killing off most of the cast in the original, the upcoming sequel was cast with fresh faces to continue the series. John Boyega joins the project as one of the Sequel’s main protagonist.  After breaking out in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Boyega has been plenty busy with roles in 2017s The Circle and Detroit.  He will play Jake Pentecost, the son of Idris Elba’s Stacker Pentecost.  Joining him in the ranks of Jaeger pilots(and possibly the same cockpit) is Scott Eastwood who will be playing Nate Lambert.  Eastwood has also been busy over the last two years with supporting roles in both the lastest installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise and Suicide Squad.  The Great Wall’s Jing Tian, pop singer Cailee Spaeny, The 100‘s Levi Meaden, and Adria Arjona of Narcos round out the newcomers to the sequel.

Scott Eastwood – Pacific Rim: Uprising: Universal Studios

Reprising their roles from the original are Charlie Day and and Burn Gorman as Dr. Newton Geiszler and Dr. Hermann Gottlieb respectively.  The two are rumored to be at the center of Uprising’s plot, with Dr. Newton perhaps being pulled into darkness due to his repeated experiments of diving into the minds of Kaijus.

Also returning is Rinko Kikuchi as the former orphan turned rookie Jaeger pilot Miko Mori.   She will now be the battle tested veteran that the newcomers will look to for guidance, much in the vain of K.I.A. father figure Stacker Pentecost.

Lastly don’t be surprised if at some point Del Toro favorite Ron Perlman makes a cameo, reprising his role as black market dealer Hannibal Chau, after the end credits sequence from the first film set up a potential return.

The film is slotted to release on March 23rd, 2018 and receive a PG-13 rating as did its predecessor.  Not much more is known about the storyline other than the rumor that the new film will look into the origins of the Kaiju.  The production team has been rather secretive, and any new rumors surrounding the film have been few and far between.  One rumor that has slipped through the cracks is that the final battle in the film will be a doozy, and will hopefully lead to a third film in the series.  I don’t know about you guys, but giants robots fighting giant monsters is a ride I’d definitely get on again and hopefully again.  Check out the teaser below.


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