Top 7 Marvel Cinematic Screen Prints

The world of screen printing and art collecting can be a tricky and treacherous one. It’s a world that can steal your hopes and dreams and empty your wallet at the same time. While traditional movie poster art is still alive and well thanks to big studio’s long-standing preference to digital air-brushing and floating heads, there’s a renewed interest in commissioned and non-commissioned screen print art.

This is on full display at ‘Cons and conventions across North America with many prominent artists gaining notoriety and fame. Artists such as Olly Moss, Jock, Tyler Stout, Ken Taylor and Laurent Durieux have achieved rock star status amongst the large number (and growing) of rabid collectors hoping to purchase these prints online or in person before they hit the after market.

These and other artists were on full display in the great Kevin Burke documentary which chronicles this rise is pop culture art and how comic book movies in particular are the subject of so many of these great talents.

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Having said that, the Marvel Cinematic Universe being a vast cosmic vacuum of films and visuals, has directly and indirectly inspired some amazing screen prints the last 10 or so years. I’ve put together some of the better ones here for you to look at in no particular order.  This is a few out of thousands so please take this a starting point…enjoy!

Tyler Stout – 24×36

This Alamo Drafthouse commission by Stout is easily recognizable amongst Marvel fans as his collage 3 colour playbill style has produced great prints for many of the MCU films. While not the first for Stout or the MCU, this Captain America: The First Avenger is his best capturing the film and it’s characters perfectly.

Source: Tyler Stout

Matt Ferguson – 24×36

This non-commissioned piece by Ferguson for cast & crew is instantly recognizable if you were a child in the seventies. Based on the iconic Star Wars: A New Hope Tom Jung one sheet this homage strikes every note perfectly and has just enough tweaks to make it its own.  The art produced for the Guardians marketing has been stellar.

Source: Matt Ferguson

Martin Ansin – 24×36

This Mondo Austin commission was a timed edition and I’m sure sold plenty. This beautifully layered piece is classic Ansin and shows the different sides to Parker/Spider-Man in a unique way and stylistic way. This came off the heels of some very disappointing one sheet posters for this movie so Ansin’s piece was a welcome sight.

Source: Martin Ansin

Declan Shalvey – 24×36

This Punisher indie piece by Shalvey is a perfect example of combining illustration and lettering and staying entirely in context. The way he has illustrated all of the lettering in such a way that they bleed into the poster combined with a subtle 3D pop on the main letters helps make this piece unique.

Source: Declan Shalvey

Kevin Tong – 24×36

Hard to believe there are 8 colors here but this Ant-Man Mondo commission by artist Tong was released at San Diego Comic-Con in 2015. The metallic details in this print are the real stars here and the layers are tremendous. Easily one of my favorites.

Source: Kevin Tong

Guillaume Morellec – 18×24

This Bottleneck Gallery commissioned piece by Morellec has the best lines and symmetry of any piece on this list. The print is so pleasing to look at that it satisfies on two dimensions, from a distance and up close for all the great details.  The flow from left to right for a non-landscape piece is tremendous.

Solid Picture Frame:
Source: Declan Shalvey

Rich Kelly – 24×36

Another Captain America Mondo commission, this time by Rich Kelly. The 3D quality and depth to this print provide context to arguably the best film in the MCU catalogue to date. A flip on the playbill style using transparency, the closer you look the more you see in this one.  The red on Caps’ shield centering the piece adding levity is great.

Source: Rich Kelly

Well, that’s some to get you started should you choose to go down the rabbit hole of poster art. A few of these are on my wall already and it’s hard not to want them all.

There are many great galleries out there commissioning great work by great artists, I encourage you to seek them out.

Till next time…


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