Does Making Your Own Cosplay Make You Better Than Someone Who Bought It At Hot Topic?

This is a question that rattles in my brain a lot come Comic-Con time. Now I love Cosplay I can spend hours on social media looking at pictures of people in Cosplay, my favorites are 90s cartoons or like small obscure characters like the running margarita man from Jurassic Park ,oh yea that’s my jam. It actually just hit me how ingenious that is and that if I ever do that cosplay I can drink all con long. Anyways I have many different talents, I am very confident in my success in the world of Children’s behavioral health and I can pick the best most juiciest and delicious watermelon no problem. One thing I will never ever be good at is sewing or finding fabric or cutting patterns. And it’s more than not being good at it, it’s also the fact that such endeavors do not seem fun to me at all. Now Disney bounding that I can do and did for many years when I had long neon red hair like the little mermaid. Disney Bounding is different from cosplay because it is an outfit that looks like the character but it is not an exact replica the way that cosplay is. so with DB I can look online or go shopping at different stores and just look for regular clothes and yea I know that you can apply the same principles to cosplay like I once had a Scarlett witch cosplay that i pieced together from shopping at different stores but I just always felt less than when I saw Cosplayers that had made really incredible extravagant cosplays from scratch. And I notice a couple of times that  people who had clearly bought a ready-made made costume from like Hot Topic or the likes would get many judgmental glances. That really made me think because yea people that make these amazing Cosplays do dedicate countless hours, days, weeks, months to it out of love for their fandom and yea they are incredibly gifted and talented but does the fact that I am wearing  gray outfit and a Totoro cape make me less then??? LOL I think the answer is yes but its a little more complicated than that. To me the answer came Phoenix Comic Con 2016 at a Doctor Who trivia panel when two people were battling it out, one in an epic sown from scratch 8th Doctor costume and a girl in a Ten dress from hot topic Guess Who Won? plot twist K9 was there and he owned all of us. But before that these two were a perfect match. All that to say that there are many reasons why Fangirls don’t/can’t make their own Cosplays but that does not make them any less of a fan.


Author: x0deex0

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