Cloverfield 3 is 6 months away!

If, like me, you’re a little confused about the Cloverfield franchise, here’s a breakdown:

  • In 2008, JJ Abrams produced a found-footage horror movie starring peeps like TJ Miller and Lizzy Caplan — sort of like an alien Godzilla on a digital camera — directed by Matt Reeves and written by Drew Goddard. It was pretty good for the found-footage genre, and pretty unique in its own right. It’s mysterious and eerie viral marketing beforehand made the movie a hit. A potential sequel was tossed around but never really realized.
  • In 2016, in a complete opposite marketing stance as the original, a trailer hit completely out of the blue for what appeared to be a tense and isolated apocalypse movie, starring John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. This one was written by Damien Chazelle (among others) and directed by Dan Trachtenberg. It wasn’t until the title card came up — 10 Cloverfield Lane — that people realized that this was somehow related. (It was originally an independent horror film called The Cellar.) Abrams confirmed that he was also producing it, and that it’s a ‘spiritual successor’ to the first film. Though no characters, themes, or much of anything was shared from the original, this started the franchise off as an apparent ‘anthology series’.
  • Solidifying the cluster of films as an anthology, a third film — God Particle, a previously-announced film that was seemingly unrelated — was confirmed to be part of the Cloverfield series and was announced for release in February 2017, and then October 2017, but was ultimately pushed back to February, 2018.
Picture Source: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Here’s what we know so far:

This film, like the others, will be run by a completely different crew, but still produced by JJ Abrams. Like the former, this appears to also have been another film that was on the production-hell fence, originally starting production in 2012. (It seems like he produces other indie horror movies that were in jeopardy of not getting made and ‘adopts’ them into the franchise.) Again like the others, this one is made by relative unknown, who — if the past installments are any indication — are up-and-comers that will soon blow up in the industry. Remember the names Julius Onah (director) and writers Oren Uziel and Doug Jung… they might be Hollywood’s next big thing.

The third installment is set to take place in space (making ‘vaguely alien-related’ the only recurring theme) where a group of astronauts are alone in the universe when a scientific error with a particle accelerator causes the Earth to go kaput. Alone, that is, until another space shuttle shows up… but things aren’t what they seem. This one stars another all-star cast of David Oyelowo, Gugu Mbatha-Raw (GET THIS GIRL MORE WORK, HOLLYWOOD), Elizabeth Debicki, Chris O’Dowd, Daniel Brühl and possibly John Krasinski.

Though the Cloverfield films are all so different, they share one defining trait: they’re all so good. With this one coming out in IMAX, we can’t wait to check it out on the big big screen! Though, with the adoption into the Cloverfield franchise, the name ‘God Particle‘ likely won’t stick around, mark your calendar for February 2nd, 2018 (that is, if it doesn’t get pushed back again) — you’re not going to want to miss this.





Author: Jordan

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