‘SNL’ Returns with Weekend Update: What to Expect

After a record number of Emmy nominations, it’s no wonder that Saturday Night Live wants to capitalize on the current success of the show with a four week run of Weekend Update. The show will air on Thursdays at 8:00pm Central during the month of August.

Weekend Update has been helping Americans laugh at the news and politicians for 42 years. Now more than ever Americans are looking to late night comedians to make sense of the news.

Michael Che and Colin Jost will host the show and be accompanied by other SNL cast members. Below are some of the cast and characters I hope make an appearance. Who do you want to see?

#1 Cecily Strong as Cathy Anne

Cathy Anne always has some words of wisdom.

#2 Kate McKinnon as RGB 

Well, Kate as anybody really.

#3 Tina, Amy, Jimmy, or Seth (Or all four…that would be cool too.)

It’s always fun when a former cast member visits Studio 8H, but there’s nothing quite as special when a former Weekend Update anchor shows up behind the desk. There have been many amazing anchors over the years, but I’m a little partial to these four.

#4 Cecily as Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started With a Conversation With at a Party


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