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Welcome to another mid-week box office special report.

If you’ve been following the box office like I have then you’ve noticed some interesting things as of late at home, internationally and worldwide. A while ago a did a special box office report on the remarkable run Wonder Woman is on, you can read that here, and here we are months later and Diana Prince is still making headlines. But she’s not alone, she’s joined in the news by two other films making history as well, but more on those in a bit.

North America

As of Tuesday’s receipts, Warner Bros. is reporting that Wonder Woman has officially crossed the $400 million mark at the North American box office. With no signs that she’s going anywhere anytime soon Diana and Co. have their eye’s on some very reachable goals.   First would be Sony’s 2007 Spider-Man 3 starring Tobey Maguire at $403.7 million, after that there’s a shot at last summer’s MCU hit Captain America: Civil War at $408 million.

Expected to stay in theatres a couple of more weeks, $403 million seems likely but the Civil War mark of $408 million seems dubious.  Still, with similar numbers internationally and Japan opening in two weeks, it will be well over $800 million worldwide by the time it’s finished its run which is a remarkable feat.  If you remember, early tracking had the film nowhere near that number with most expecting it to top out around $650 million.

Patty Jenkins herself has beaten all records for a female directed film and the 3.9x multiplier the film is currently enjoying has surpassed even some of the biggest films of all time.

A sequel was recently announced with a release date of December 13, 2019.


Not to be outdone in the international market is the sensational Wolf Warriors 2 directed by and starring Jing Wu. In only two weeks of release, the heavy action thriller has become China’s highest grossing film of all time already hitting 3.4B ($506M US) passing previous champ 2016’s The Mermaid.

Before this past weekend even started they had predicted a final cume of around $565 million US but since then have increased those numbers significantly with some even thinking the film could go as high as $747 million US.

It just under two weeks it already surpassed The Fate of the Furious to become #1 in China this year and at the same time passed Beauty and the Beast ($504m) for highest grossing territory worldwide.  It becomes one of only seven movies ever to pass $500 million in a single market.

This time around, along with a returning Wu, they casted American Frank Grillo (Captain America) and the amazing Celina Jade (Arrow) which really added to the international flair. Most interesting and something that may have added to the punch,  was that Wu enlisted the help of the Russo brothers (Avengers, Captain America) who consulted on the film.


On the all-time worldwide stage, we have a new #1 in animated films. Universal’s Despicable Me series of films, which includes 2015’s Minions,  has passed the Shrek series of movies to become the highest-grossing animated franchise of all time worldwide.

After this past weekend’s earnings, the worldwide total for this animated series is now at $3.52 billion and counting. The five Shrek films (including Puss In Boots) earned a global total of $3.51 billion. The four films now have a worldwide average sum of $888 million per film which is a remarkable number considering the total production costs for all four are only $299 million.

Minions alone is the second-highest-grossing animated film of all time and the most profitable movie in the studio’s history. And what’s also worth noting is that they’re not even done yet. Despicable Me 3 is still in theatres, currently at $880 million and counting, and with territories still to open in.

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