Thoughts On “The Dark Tower”

The Dark Tower

While I haven’t read any of the Dark Tower novels I’m a pretty big Stephen King fan.  I went in with an open mind and somewhat high hopes. Unfortunately I walked out disappointed. Now while I wasn’t a fan of the film I actually can see some people getting some enjoyment out of it.

The Dark Tower is a generic film filled with leads that deserves a much better film.  The story, the look, and special effects felt something I’ve seen so many times before. The only thing that kept me interesting was the performances by Elba and McConaughey but that’s trashed by a lackluster showdown between the two. The film doesn’t seem to want to take a chance with being creative with it self and the worlds presented. The filmmakers seem to play it safe here on almost every level. The story is bland, the acting out side the leads is okay followed by some shotty GCI. While this film is intended to be a franchise film it seems pretty open shut at the end and a sequel would if anything feel forced.

This feels like a film that came out in 2004. It’s almost if the filmmakers saw moves around that time such as  Blade: Trinity, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Van Helsing and used that as a blueprint.  That being said I can see other movie goers who are accustomed to that type of film and would leave the theater entertained.  If you walk in this film to turn off your brain then you might have a good time. It’s 2017’s version of The Warrior Way.

Overall I say this is an  “eh”  film and one that you don’t need to rush to the theater to see.

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