The TGON Workshop: How To Fix A Sticky Controller Button

If you’re anything like me, you’re apt to play a video game every now and then. With controller in hand, you select your character and go. Whether your goal is to finish the quest, or kill all the bad guys, or collect all the power ups and unlock the next level, if you’re going to have any fun at all, you do not need a sticky button getting in your way.

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The really thorough way is to take the controller apart and give the unit a good clean out. No matter what system you play on, getting the controller open without a special tool can be damn near impossible. I have an Xbox One, and those controllers need a special, small hex head screwdriver to open. One other way is stick something in the space between the button and the casing. Not a whole heck of a lot of space, but there is a way.

You need your controller, a drinking straw, and a pair of scissors.

Photo Source: Arthur P.


Step 1: Take the straw and cut a short length off.

Photo Source: Arthur P.


Step 2: Take the small piece, and using the scissors, cut it lengthwise.

Photo Source: Arthur P.


You should be able to open the piece of straw like so…

Photo Source: Arthur P.


Step 3: Take the opened straw and wrap it around the controller button in question like this…

Photo Source: Arthur P.


Step 4: Using gentle up and down motions, move the plastic around in the small gap between button and casing. This should free up any debris or gunk that got clogged inside and caused the button to stick. It is possible to wet the plastic before you insert into the gap, but I do not recommend it. Even a tiny drop of water inside any component device could cause things to malfunction.

If you have a particularly nasty and gunked up controller, you’re going to have to get the special screwdriver needed to remove the screws and clean the controller out.

But if the problem isn’t so bad, this trick will help you prolong the life of your controller. Keep your system clean, dirt and dust free!

Photo Source: Arthur P.


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