My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 16

I swear this episode might be one of the best in the series so far.

We return to Hosu City with the nomus attacking the city. Midoriya is on his way towards downtown on foot. Gran Torino however is in combat with one of the nomus. He can see they are quite agile and attack random targets. They have no focus. Eventually Endeavor comes and finishes of the nomu. So if the likes of Endeavor have made it to the city I’m sure most heroes are aware as well.

Midoriya ends up getting caught up in a battle between some heroes and a couple of nomus. One of the Heroes being Manual, Iida’s mentor. He eventually puts two and two together and realizes Iida probably tried to chase after Hero Killer Stain. We cut to Iida in the alley with Stain, and odds are not in his favor. Stain tells Iida that he allowed his brother to live to send a message and let news of him spread. Something up next that really shows the depth of Stain’s character is how he tells Iida that he shouldn’t be using his quirk to fight for vengeance but he should be trying to help the other pro hero Stain immobilized before Iida. For a hero would put others before themselves.

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

Stain, with Iida now immobilized and within inches of his blade, is caught by surprise! Midoriya has arrived and lands a huge smash on Stain! Before Stain and Midoriya duke it out, Iida pleads Midoriya to not fight Stain because it has nothing to do with him. Izuku is not having any of that and did actually come with a back up plan. He sent his location to an anonymous hero so until then, all he has to do is stall.

One of the best moments in this episode is how Midoriya charges head on to Stain and makes Stain react one way and then is able to blast himself in the air and land a smash from above. It has almost identical movement to what Bakugo did to Midoriya during their fight. But somehow, Stain was able to make a small cut to Midoriya and he became immobilized. Stain says Midoriya is worth the praise he gets and is willing to spare him. But Iida does not get the same fate. Here we are again with Stain inches away from ending Iida. But then a huge burst of fire comes towards Stain. It’s Todoroki! Todoroki is the one Midoriya sent his location to!

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

Todoroki is usually very capable of keeping a distance from his enemies but Stain is very fast and dangerous. In the midst of the fight Midoriya realizes he is able to move again! Midoriya jumps up and grabs Stain away from Todoroki. Midoriya is able to deduct that the immobilization has a time limit and it depends on your blood type. Type O blood has the shortest time limit and Midoriya is a type O. So now their plan is to stall even more until the pros arrive. But that will not be very easy to overcome, even if it’s a couple of minutes. Iida is astonished at how Midoriya nd Todoroki came to his aid in his time of need. In silent admiration Iida realizes he is now able to move!

And that’s how the episode ends! During this episode, I had these stupid ass grins and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting what’s going to happen next. This show just gets me so pumped up. Especially such a compelling episode like that one was. I cannot wait to see some Ingenium combat perhaps?

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