Teen Titans Go! SDCC 2017 Panel

At this years San Deigo Comic Con the cast of Teen Titans Go! held a panel airing the premiere of their new four part episode titled "The Day the Night Stopped Beginning to Shine and Became Dark Even Though It Was the Day" based on the classic 1980s tune and Cyborg's favorite song  "The Night Begins to Shine", previously featured in the Season 3 episode titled  "40%, 40%, 20%."  The four part episode, will air on August 1st on Cartoon Network and will feature Fall Out Boy and Cee-Lo Green as special guests.

The episodes begins with Cyborg being trapped in an alternate reality with a Dragon who wants to steal his favorite song for his own evil purposes.  Beast Boy feels lost without his best buddy Cyborg and looks to find himself when he runs into the team's eventual musician allies.  The Titans and musicians then embark on a trip to the alternate reality to save Cyborg and defeat the Dragon for the control of The Night Begins to shine.

After airing the episode the Cast then took questions from many of the young fans in attendance and also reveled in the much lamented success of the show (evidenced by the tote given away with an illustration of the old titans beating up the current titans, seen above), which will run it's 200th episode this Season.  Although many fans of the Teen Titans Animated series continue to hate on Teen Titan Go!, the current rendition still helps reel in plenty of young new fans to the DC Universe and provides plenty of laughs on the way there.


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