EW’s Charlize Theron Kicks Ass Panel

Comic-Con International 2017 - Entertainment Weekly's Women Who Kick Ass: Icon Edition With Charlize Theron

San-Diego Comic Con was in full swing over the weekend, blessing us with new trailers, juicy tidbits, and pictures upon pictures of our faves hanging out.

As they’ve done for a few years now, Entertainment Weekly hosts a panel with “Women Who Kick Ass.” This is usually a fun panel to see, amplifying female voices in a weekend and a world that can sometimes be harsh and exclusionary towards women. Over the years, the panel has included 5 or 6 women but this year, EW put all their focus on Charlize Theron.

Star of the acclaimed Mad Max & the upcoming Atomic Blonde (July 28), Charlize was here to empower all women and explain why Atomic being a badass was so important to her. Theron mentions that she wanted to play an unrepentant woman who plays by the rules men get to play by

“Women in film typically need a reason to become warriors — losing a child or husband. They can just be warriors, That’s what Atomic Blonde is supposed to portray. Lorraine is simply herself. There’s no explanation for why the way she is the way she is.”

Charlize also talked about wanting to do a few more Atomic Blonde movies, and her hopes that this character can live on forever in a James Bond way. When asked if she’d like to play a female Bond, Charlize responded that she’d leave that to Idris! (bestillmyheart)

In the movie, Charlize’s Lorraine has an affair with fellow agent Sofia Boutella. She notes that she’s glad the movie acknowledged and included the LGBTQ community.

*cough cough Here’s hoping it’s not another case of a movie with a white female lead that ignores all other women of colour and where the the affair isn’t just used as queer baiting…cough*

“Lorraine never needs a man to confide in about her brokenness”

In closing, she encouraged the audience to support female led/directed/produced movies because we can do it just as well as the guys and we have to show the studios just how much buying power women have!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the site for everything you ever needed to know about this year’s ComicCon festivities


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