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"Younger" Ep. 404 (Airs 7/19, 10pm ET/PT)
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Honestly do you even need a recap after that? Isn’t that all that matters? It’s so nice to no longer be tense around these BFF’s – thank god for Caitlin’s burst appendix or whatever.

We start out at the morning staff meeting with Liza, Kelsey, & Diana (because Empirical has no other employees) where Charles finally announces to Liza that she’s being promoted to Junior Editor for Millennial, complete with a raise, but she still has to be Diana’s assistant because the company can’t afford it.

In Maggie land, her (annoying) assistant quits because she feels awkward being around Liza ever since she slept with Josh (who we miss dearly this episode.) Maggie’s totally bummed, and out a painting.

Diana & Charles take Liza to lunch with the company’s most profitable romance novelist Belinda Lacroix who ends up dying on the toilet while telling Liza that her novels are about friendships & that “men are just candy.” At her funeral, Kelsey networks with a mystery novel author who didn’t know he had female readers and charms him into thinking about maybe coming to Empirical. His hot publisher finds out about this, takes his place and seduces the hell out of Kelsey, who literally keeps ogling him.

The girls go out that night to celebrate life and get Liza some birthday ass. Lauren reveals that she’s sort of miserable with Max (he finds her sticker system, reads the part where she’s repulsed by him, and the break the fuck up!), and takes Kelsey to a super hipster bar while Liza stays behind to chat with a hot Argentinian Architect. When Liza sees him again the following night, she bluntly tells him everything about herself, fully divulging her secret as if it was nothing. He then reveals that he’s “single in New York” the same way that she’s “27 at work” so he’s gross we don’t like him.

The episode reinforces Belinda Lacroix’s words at every turn, focusing on the female friendships as the men cycle in and out. This is extremely present in the last shot, Liza, Kelsey, Maggie, & Lauren hanging out in the loft, watching The Craft and comforting each other while the camera pans over them and cuts to black.

"Younger" Ep. 404 (Airs 7/19, 10pm ET/PT)
Courtesy of TVLand

Younger airs Wednesdays on TVLand

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