Stranger Things SDCC Panel Highlights! (Including the NEW season 2 trailer!!)


The fantastic SAG winning cast of “Strager Things” hit up SDCC and spilled some fun dirt on season 2! Here are the highlights:

-Season 2 takes place one year later. While all the kids have matured some, Millie Bobbie Brown said that Eleven will go through a very different type of development…[hmmm what could that mean??]
-Noah Schnapp (will Byers) said Will will be braver next season. [I’d say he was a pretty brave last season–he survived the Upside Down!]
-We may see some “sexy Hopper” next season…with shirtless scenes! [Is there a chance for him and Joyce?]

-A new character named Billy (played by Dacre Montgomery) will play the new (human) bully. [I think that’s the least of their worries.]

-Everyone promises “justice for Barb” in season 2…but no revival…[how will they get justice??]

Aside from these tidbits, the cast was pretty tight-lipped on season 2 details…but we did get a brand new trailer!! Check it out:


Author: Alex Clark

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