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Master of None - Season 2
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Well folks we’ve reached the end of our Master Of None recaps, 10 weeks since the show has been available on Netflix, and probably 10 weeks after you’ve all seen every episode and come up with your theories and reactions to the second season. Well now you get to sit here and read all about my final thoughts, lucky you!

Dev & Chef Jeff’s show’s premiere is right around the corner, we see a little bit of the show while they shoot it – where Dev learns that Lisa (the makeup artist from Clash of the Cupcakes) has left the show unexpectedly. When he talks to her, she mentions inappropriate behaviour towards her from Chef Jeff (duh he’s an ass, no normal person is that energetic). Jon H Benjamin (Bob’s Burgers) also makes a cameo, reiterating Lisa’s points about Jeff being a dick.

The next day, before Dev & Jeff are scheduled to go on Raven Live! (a fantastic concept where Raven Symoné hosts a Rachael Ray type show), news breaks that Lisa wrote an article about the abuse and that it went viral. #ChefJeffIsAPerv even trended on twitter. Danielle Brooks is back as Dev’s agent and she breaks the news to him. On the show, he tries to distance himself from Jeff, but when Raven learns of the allegations, she goes in on Chef Jeff, he storms out, and Dev is left mumbling and accidentally saying he condones the sexual assaults Jeff committed.

It goes without saying that BFF’s gets cancelled, Dev no longer has that show or Clash Of The Cupcakes and everyone thinks he & Chef Jeff do everything together including harassing women. After this terrible awful very bad day, Dev runs into ex-girlfriend Rachel on the street and they make awkward chit-chat.

Master of None - Season 2
Netflix/Universal Television

Throughout the episode, we also get a few scenes with Francesca in them. She and Pino are supposed to head back but she’s not feeling ready for it. At one point, she comes to Dev’s to basically turn him down and reject his love advances. He kinda of acts like a dick about it but Arnold helps him realize later that the relationship would’ve been a shit-show.

As Dev is moping around his apartment after the Jeff drama, the show cuts to Francesca & Pino. He asks if she’s ready to head back to Modena, she doesn’t answer, the show cuts to black, and next thing you know, she’s in bed next to Dev *fake gasp.* Yay for poor decision making. This relationship will probably not end well for either party. But maybe it gets Francesca out of her rut.

It’s been fun recapping with y’all, and this really was a stellar season. Episodes like Thanksgiving, Religion, and New York, I Love You are works of art we’ll be talking about and comparing other TV shows to for years! See you guys next season, that is, if there even is one (that article is long, but fantastic, definitely worth a read!)

I leave you with Danielle Brooks, staring into your soul to see if you’re a pervert.

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