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SDCC 2017: Funko Exclusives!

Photo Source: Funko Pop News


Comic Con is finally here, and Funko revealed several new exclusives that will be sold at the convention. Here are some of my favorites from each category…


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Star Wars


Now that Riz Ahmed is a giant celebrity, I feel like Bodhi Rook will be a big seller. His character was pretty great too.


You gotta have Princess Leia and R2-D2. Sadly, since our Princess is gone, I feel that a lot of people will be buying this one to commemorate her.


Scott Pilgrim


This was a tough one. There’s this version being sold, and there’s also this version in Nega Scott. I think I like this one better in terms of buying Scott as a Pop! figure.


Roxy just looks badass. She’s not my favorite character, but her Pop! figure looks really cool.




Selfie Gwenpool is super comical. I could see people wanting her on their mantel.


Even though I know a lot of people are going to flock to Captain America and Tony Stark’s Pop! figures, I just think Red She-Hulk pops out at you. She makes you do a double-take.




Even though there won’t be a reboot of Ren & Stimpy in the near future, I feel like the die hard fans, will want to take these home. Definitely reminds me of my childhood.


Another show from my youth. These guys just look so cute, that I know people will want to snatch them up.




There were a lot of cool exclusives in this category, but first off, I thought Blue Chrome Batman looked awesome! He looks one of a kind.


Gotta grab more Wonder Woman figures; and Ares looks pretty menacing.




The Tick is premiering in August, so it’s only fitting that people will want to buy him ahead of time. Also, he glows in the dark!


Stranger Things is also creating a lot of hype right now, so why not buy Steve. This was the only time he was super badass.


Warner Bros.


Aw, I miss Lord of the Rings. Any fan is going to want to buy them and it’s convenient that they’re together.


I think it’s cool that they came out with another Harry Potter, but this time, with him flying on his broom. He’s also about to catch the snitch, so that’s a bonus.


Rick & Morty


This is the only exclusive for this show, so it’s definitely worth sharing.




Darkwing Duck is coming out in a Negatron, glow in the dark version. Another great show from my childhood.


With the news about the live version of Aladdin, I feel like everyone is going to be buying him and Abu.




I think Dwarven Colossus looks pretty cool. I’m sure the Elder Scrolls fans are going to want to buy him.


I’m sure some of the “older” folks are going to want to buy She-Ra. She was super popular back in the day.


Get Animated


There’s 3 different versions being sold of Marvin the Martian, so I’m guessing he’s going to be flying off the shelves. You can buy him in neon green, pink and orange.


I think Super Hero Daffy Duck is a cool concept. It merges together fans love for comics, plus their love for Looney Tunes.


Get Animated Pt. 2


I loved The Jetsons when I was a kid, so who wouldn’t want to buy 3 different colored Rosie’s?


Another classic character. Scooby is also being sold in 3 different colors. Lime, magenta and blue. He’s also flocked, so he’ll even feel furry.




I don’t watch Westworld myself, but this guy seems pretty cool.


I know Game of Thrones isn’t suppose to be cute, but look at them! Now that the shows back, everyone’s going to buy these guys.




Funko will be introducing their new line of collectables at Comic Con and this is the first set you can buy. Later in the summer, you’ll be able to buy Freddie & Jason, Sally & Jack Skellington, and He-Man & Trapjaw.


Toys “R” Us

Toys “R” Us also has 2 exclusives coming out…





And that’s it! If you want to see all of the Funko exclusives coming to Comic Con, just click here.


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