Who Should Play Uncle Ben


There’s no doubt that Uncle Ben will make his debut in the MCU. Its more or less a matter of time. Personally I think we can expect a flashback or a cameo in Homecoming 2. Here are some great picks that could nail it as Uncle Ben.

1) Dermot Mulroney. Mulroney has that look that screams wisdom. I cant help but to feel he would have great on screen chemistry with Tom Holland. Haven’t seen a bad performance out of Mulroney yet and his role in shameless will show why hes a great fit.


2) Iain Glen. Iain Glen is one of those British actors that needs to be in more american film. Such a talented actor with a voice of reason would be a great pick for Uncle Ben. Just think of a reverse version of his charter from Kick-As 2.


3) Eric Bana. I know he was Bruce Banner back in 03 in Ang Lee’s The Hulk but why not bring back Bana? Bana can play comedy and the father figure very well. Check out his role in Funny People. Also it would be very fitting considering we got Jennifer Connelly in Homecoming.


4) Michael Imperioli. While most people remember him as the insane junkie from the Sopranos his role in Califorcation proves Imperioli has an impressive acting range and would fit nicely in the MCU. Imperioli also seems like the perfect fit to Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May.

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